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Chicken Tortilla Roll-Ups…

July 12, 2010

This is the recipe for the little Chicken Roll ups that I had at the 4th of July party we went to. Thanks to my good friend Wendy for passing it along!

This recipe is super easy (not that I would ever attempt anything hard) and has enough spice to keep Albie interested in them. The recipe isn’t very exact and that was kinda frustrating to me at first but after I started  making everything I saw it was really based on how much “color” you want and how much spice you want. I went “middle of the road” for the purpose of this recipe:

Chicken Tortilla Roll-Ups:

  • 2 Packs of soften cream cheese
  • 1 can (4.5 oz) chopped Green chillies
  • 2 small roasted red peppers ( I bought a tiny jar then just pulled 2 little peppers out) – Finely Chopped
  • Jalapenos – Finely chopped ( I think I used half of one medium sized jalapeno)
  • 1 packet of dry Ranch
  • 1 large can (12.5 oz) of Chicken
  • 8 Large white tortillas

I combined all of the ingredients into a   quart bowl and used my hand mixer to make sure everything was well mixed.

Lay out your large tortillas and spread evenly over the surface with a spatula. I left some space around the ends that I knew would get cut off in the final cutting process to make things even and pretty.

After they are all rolled up  I recommended that you set them in the fridge for at least an hour to let things set, it will make the cutting a bit easier.

Note: I think you can also mix the ingredients in advance too to let the flavors marinate with the cream cheese more.

Once you think they are set and marinated to your liking it’s time to cut them. I tried using a regular knife to start but ended up liking my serrated knife better, I felt like it didn’t “mush” the shape and it slid right through making cutting a way fast process.

Loose End that gets cut off and eaten by the chef.

Gauge how thick you want to cut them, but remember these are meant to be eaten in one-ish bites (I normally take two bites but everyone else I saw ate them in one)

After cutting you can either serve them or stick them back in the fridge until it’s time for your event. Mine went back in the fridge to take to an event the next day!

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  1. Becky permalink
    July 12, 2010 1:13 pm

    i love this – everywhere it says “finely chopped” in the recipe, at first i thought you said “Finley chopped” and i thought, wow – impressive finley boy!

    • Katie permalink*
      July 12, 2010 4:17 pm

      I have to confess that the first time I typed it up I DID type “Finley” and not “finely” haha

  2. July 20, 2010 11:30 am

    Looks like a winner and I had another reader of your blog comment she thought she would make it too!


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