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Phillies Game Grad Party…

July 15, 2010

I know you are sick of my weekend recaps but this weekend I can safely say that I fit all I could: Wedding on Saturday, Bachelorette on Saturday and now a graduation party for my cousin at a Phillies game… in Philly.

My cousin Danielle is off to Indiana to play Field Hockey on scholarship (How awesome is that!) and with our family spread all over she decided to forgo the tradition Grad party in early June and just get a suite at a Phillies game. Good Food, Good Drinks, Good Baseball and of course family…

Let me also say this: I love fried foods. I generally eat like crap. French fries can be considered a meal to me, and I am ok with this. However, I was blindsided by all the types of Fries that these crazy northerners are eating these days. My mother told about me Pizza Fries that she tried the night before and then at the game I learned about Crab Fries:

Essentially Crab Fries are just crinkle fries with old Bay seasoning and then you are supposed to have cheese on the side. These smell sooooooo good. And they are kind of addicting. So that bucket may have last 10 minutes. They are not cheep though – Fries were Six bucks and then the cheese sauce was another two. Eight bucks for FRENCH FRIES. Whatever, they were delish….

My cousin Luke is going to be 10 soon. He is hilarious. He wants to change his name from Lucas to Luc-Ass and demanded we call him that.

I flew into Philadelphia on Sunday morning, landing at about 11, but the rest of the family drove up in this nice ride. Lucky for me they let me hitch a ride after the game.

Also, my little flower girl Tara, got a kitten. I can’t decide which is cuter: Tara or Bailey the kitten?

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