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I’m a Barbie Girl…

July 16, 2010

Recently Albie and I saw Toy Story 3 and we LOVED it. We laughed about all of our favorite toys from when we were younger and it got me going on Barbies…

There were YEARS of my life where I was completely obsessed. Miss Barbie and I were the very best of friends. We weren’t friends in the sense that I took her everywhere and told her all my secrets but we did have a good roommate situation.

May favorite way to “play” with Barbie was to set up the floor of my walk in closet to be her town/ neighborhood/ college dorm/ mansion, etc… She would go to work or school and go to bed. Most importantly, this is where we got her dressed for her activities and where we arranged things neatly on little plastic shelves.

The best thing about Barbie was and always will be her accessories. Her style varies as the decades pass and she is always making other new friends but Barbie will always have the coolest home and personal accessories.

Barbie loved her shoes

Wave Runner for when Barbie would take a "Vacay" with me or aka a Bath.

Barbie Loved to lay out. My closet had a window it was perfect to set up that we were at outside in our own oasis

Anyway, I got to Google searching and found some GEMS. Just looking Barbie up on-line made me miss her in the way you miss a good friend. These were my two favorites from back in the day:

Peaches and Cream Barbie

1989 Holiday Barbie

I don’t want to give you the impression that I was a collector – I wasn’t. I just loved Barbie. I thought she was beautiful and lucky to have all of her clothes and jobs and all of her friends liked her sooo much. What girl wouldn’t want all that?

I thought her hair was wonderfully full and I liked that she had peirced ears, I could sit and just put her in different outfits for hours. We would set up her “house” and then when my feet were asleep from sitting Indian style on the floor for too long, I would venture out of my closet to find the whole day was gone.

Please note I never said Friends were involved. My best friend ever, Jenny, played with me when were little but other than that few girls were given the privilege to come into my Barbie Closet. I didn’t like people messing things up and knocking things over or -gasp- putting Barbie in miss-matched clothes.

So Toy Story 3 got me missing Barbie and Albie of course was reminiscent of his Legos… What toys do you miss? Were you a Barbie Girl too?

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  1. July 16, 2010 8:22 pm

    I liked Barbie too! But for some reason I loved My Little Ponies more. This drove my mother crazy because she grew up really poor and always wanted Barbies, so she lived vicariously through me and bought me tons and all I did was play with those damn horses!

  2. July 20, 2010 11:19 am

    Miss Katie, you could call yourself a collector of many things my love, and Barbie would be one of them! But you also loved Polly Pockets! And made cities for Barbie to live in with your wooden blocks! You were most creative in involving many extraneous accessories to make sure Barbie had it all! And yes, everything had to be in its place, so the twins best not enter the inner sanctum!! You too were a LEGO queen, you and Albie are a match made in Heaven!

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