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Target? You Had Me at Fresh…

July 31, 2010

Oh Target, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Ok so I’m not going to count because we’d be here all day but seriously, Target? I love you. Always have and always will. Despite the fact that I feel like you charge a cover at the door and I can not escape without spending upwards of $50 a trip, I still absolutely adore your clean, un-cluttered lines, friendly staffers, hand baskets that fit against my hip and chic clothes that no one realizes I got at Target.

But this week, Target out did it’s self.

Our Target that is less than3 miles from our house  has more than ample parking, lots of lanes open and seems to always have my size in stock… It has added a GROCERY STORE!

This may not be big news to those of you who’s Target is in a bigger area but this is big news to us.

Today I went to get new sun glasses and trash bags.  FORTY-FIVE minutes later I came out with a lot more than I needed (as always) but I spent most of it just checking out the new grocery aisles.

I knew this change was coming, so I was ok because they had quietly been doing construction for a few months which involved moving around a lot of aisles that I now can’t find to save my life. But this was still thrilling to see all the food lined up in its cute little packages, and to know that I could dash into target for some of Albie’s under shirts, a new curling iron, a birthday card and oh-yeah a week’s worth of food!

Bravo Target, Bravo… You have now made my weekly (sometimes more often) trip to Target go from $50 to $100 plus.

For those of you who this is not news to, how do the prices compare? Can you find everything you need or are regular grocery store trips still needed?

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  1. August 2, 2010 9:05 am

    i’ve found that target is much cheaper than say, harris teeter and lowe’s food; however, it’s more expensive than wal-mart and food lion. really though, who wants to go to wm and fl? eww.

  2. Anna permalink
    August 10, 2010 1:43 pm

    I’m not in love with the Target grocery section… my main reasoning for going to the grocery store is typically fresh produce and the selection I’ve seen at my Target’s just isnt as good. Overall I think its cheaper, but they don’t seem to have the same BOGO type specials that my grocery stores have.

    Whether this is a plus or not I haven’t figured out, but like you, I always go to Target and come out with 20 more things than i had on my list because even if I don’t love the grocery section, I love everything else about it!

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