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My Weekend in Food…

August 3, 2010

This weekend we were at home. Blissfully at home with very few obligations and events scheduled. Therefor we spent a lot time cooking, baking and eating…

First off I attempted The Pioneer Woman’s Lemon Basil Pasta with Chicken. It was super yummy and I want to send a big shout out to my next door neighbors who have an awesome herb garden and let me pick a ton of fresh basil that totally completed the recipe. I would not EVER make this recipe without the lemon and basil being very fresh. This particular pasta dish is in no way good for you, what with all the creams and butter, but it feels light and has a lot of flavors. Next time I would love to pair this with some shrimp instead of chicken just to try it.

{Image via PW’s Site}

Also this weekend we attempted a Beer Can Chicken via one of our awesome Weber cookbooks that we had registered for. Albie loves this book and is constantly showing me pictures like “Please eat something interesting for a change, PLEASE??” and this time I finally gave in only because the chicken looked kinda cute perched up on the beer can like that.  We took our own pictures of the process but the end result was a slight bit “darker” than the intended result so they are to “never to be posted on the internet” (that’s a quote, unquote from Grill-master Albie). But from the peanut gallery – this chicken was sooo delicious! It was moist and smokey with lots of flavor! It didn’t take the whole time the recipe recommended so I was caught off guard with out having prepared the sides yet and was able to pull some of Our Best Bite’s Naughty Corn Bread from the freezer that I made for-ev-er ago and it ended up being perfect!

{ Image via Weber’s Site }

{ Image via Our Best Bite’s Site }

So that leads me to how I spent Sunday: Baking, rolling, waiting and dipping.  Basically I re-attempted Bakerella’s Cake Bites! If you haven’t heard of these before you are totally missing out! They are so cute and yummy. I originally saw them on Beach Bum & Baby’s blog and I made them just the way she said to. But this time I tried without the stick and made “bites” vs “pops” – and I made TWO cakes worth. So I unnecessarily made this way harder than it needed to be.  First time: great, easy, took a long time but totally worth it. This time? Felt like I was hand rolling cake bites for hours and then when it was time to cover them in chocolate I just couldn’t them covered the right way so they are kinda ugly. Big bummer… still taste good though!

{ Both images via Bakerella’s Site }

Add in a pre-season kick off dinner with my work peeps on Saturday, a bath for Finley, a fun time cleaning the house,  and an Initals, Inc party with my good friend Becky on Sunday and you have filled in our whole weekend!

Let me know if you have tried any of these recipes and how they turn out for you!

PS: THANK YOU for all the wine feedback! I bought two bottles of red this weekend, one is a Spanish red recommended by the staff based off some of your recommendations that I haven’t opened yet. The other is an Australian Shiraz that I tried last night and I really liked! It made me sleepy and I switched to my white with our Snapper & Beurre Blanc dinner but overall I liked it! Thank you again!

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  1. August 3, 2010 2:25 pm

    being a recent new blogger, I am reading random blogs to try to learn a few things. I enjoyed reading your’s, and look forward to more. Beer can chicken is delicious, hope you enjoyed. Please check out my blog if you like food as much as I do.

  2. August 3, 2010 2:43 pm

    Yum, they all look delicious! I’ve made cake bites before. I learned a few things. The smaller the better and the freezer is key. I’m going to make cake pops for the party this weekend, they’re always a hit!

    I’m definitely going to try the Lemon Basil Pasta Chicken now.

  3. August 4, 2010 10:45 am

    I love PW recipes! I also HATED making cake pops. Never again!

    Thanks for the blog comment — I totally forgot that The Mr. and I watched Band of Brothers! Amazing. I have “The Pacific” in my “to be released” queue. I wonder when HBO will release it.

    We also watched John Adams back when we had HBO. Really good.

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