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Angel’s Breath…

August 11, 2010

So remember when I said I loved Summer? And I went on and on about how nice it is to be warm out and how I don’t like the cold? Well that’s all well and good but when you don’t have your sweet Angel’s Breath blowing through the vents to cool you down at night while you sleep, Summer doesn’t seem so great.

We got home yesterday and I thought “Gee it feels kinda warm in here?” but then I knocked that to the side of my head because I had just wheeled around the trash cans, gotten surprising mail and played with Finley.  But then Albie came home and he hasn’t been feeling well so he is a little more sensitive to the warmth so he totally agreed, it was getting completely too hot in the house.

Sure enough the unit out back was making all the appropriate sounds with no movement of the fans. Calls were placed to the A/C Repair people, My Dad and to take out restaurants. My neighbor tried to come help (Thanks Sarah!) and it did make the fans work until about 11 pm when we started melting and, in Finley’s case, panting.

So good morning to all of you who slept like babies in your cool houses.  Hopefully my love affair with Summer will resume shortly… and cheaply.

Update: “Company A”  wanted to charge us 572 “and some change” for ANY part that needs to be repaired. When I originally called to ask for a price break down they said they don’t do that because it’s a “flat rate”.

I called my Dad (because that’s what Girls do when they are overwhelmed with house shit) and he said he had just fixed his own “fan motor” (which is what is wrong with mine) for $49 from a wholesale store and installed it himself (he’s an engineer) so clearly while we won’t be able to do that our selves, I was able to tell this was too much money.

So I literally googled “Raleigh A/C Repair” and “Company B” came up, some guy named Jonathan said he could be at my house inan hour and fix it for 250.


So Albie canceled “Company A”, we still had to pay him the 90 bucks for the pleasure of him gracing our presence, and then we paid “Company B” the 250.

All said and done it should be about 1/2 what the “Company A”  people said. I am so frustrated and could use a mini-fridge full of wine here at work to get my shoulders from up around my ears back to where they belong…

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  1. Dad permalink
    August 11, 2010 7:45 am

    Oddly enough – and you won’t believe this … Mine was on the fritzzz last night also. It felt warm upstairs at bed time (10:30) so I checked the thermostat – Yup – up 8°F from the set temperature of 71° to 79°F. Checked the outside unit and it was only buzzzzing with the inside unit blowing air. Killed the power, took the cover off the controls area and worked on the contactor (the thing that gives electricity to the compressor and fan motors) Yup a bug stuck in the coil. Cleaned out dead fried crispy bug parts and put the coil back together in the dark with a small flashlight in my mouth. Laid down ant killer all around the unit and re-powered the unit. The logic made up in about 5 minutes and the units were working again. Had another beer with Anna till about 1:AM. House temps were going down and I was ready for crashing to sleep.

  2. August 11, 2010 10:09 am

    ya’ll can come stay with us if you need to!


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