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What’s Red, Black & White All Over….

August 12, 2010


Well actually, It’s not me. If it were me that was “red, black & white all over” I’d be a happy camper! Instead I am three weeks out from the Home Opener of the season and I am in need of some clothes so bad!

To overload you on seeing my face, here are some past game day outfits:

Let’s remember that I don’t get to be a fan at games, I have to work. So what I wear needs to be semi-work appropriate but not so boring that I could wear it on a normal work day.  I need to be school-festive and let’s face it, I like to be semi-cute. Also, note that despite it being “Football Season” the real world movies from “Summer” to “Fall” to “Winter” – so needing versatile game day clothes is important.

This being my 6th season of working game days you would think I have gotten the hang out of how to dress my self. And I have. Kinda.

But a lot of the ability to dress my self cutely, yet work appropriate and somewhat comfortable is hard when stores are holding back on the red this year. These muted tones and blues are not working for me.

So I got to searching and I have to tell you, You SEC fans have it made in the shade.  Cute Florida and USC dresses, even Texas and Tennessee… don’t even get me started on how cute Bama girls get to dress with the hounds tooth!

For instance here are some cute things I found that could work:

{ via Etsy }

{ via Etsy }

Or if only these little numbers were for adults more so than babies:

{ via Etsy }

{ via Etsy }

Or maybe one day I could dress like a fan and have someone make me a State version of this:

{ via Etsy }

So in the meantime I do have some cute things I wear and rotate through my game day wardrobe.  For instance black pants, simple red or white shirts, cardigans in red, black or white are all needed.  I have simple black dresses, a simple red dress and I have basic black pumps. I have a cute red chino skirt that has our logo embroidered on it and some other basic items that get mixed in. Maybe I could focus on just black pieces this year and accessorize with red? But people… I am bored to tears with my game day selection!

Help! Have you seen some good red clothes out there? What is your preferred game day attire?

Or, Are you shaking your head and laughing at how seriously I take game day clothes? Yeah, Me too.

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  1. August 15, 2010 7:25 pm

    Oh wow- I wear almost completely red, black, and white so this post had me drooling. Loved the two etsy dresses!

  2. Megan permalink
    August 16, 2010 12:12 pm

    Have you tried White House Black Market? You can do black and white with red accessories/shoes/etc. They send out online coupons if you subscribe to their email list! Love their store – wish I could afford for my whole wardrobe to be from there.

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