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Finley Friday: Playing Dress Up…

August 13, 2010
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Finley loves to wear clothes and play dress up.

Ok, that’s a lie. The truth is he tolerates clothes and playing dress up.

Fetch in the house Oct. 2007

What a pretty little girl, er boy! Nov 2007

Go Wolfpack! May 2008

Sad little devil. Halloween 2008

Haloween 2009

Dressed in Albie's shorts and shirt June 2010

People always think it’s so funny that we can get him into clothes, but the truth is we have been bothering him since he was a puppy. We had always read that when they are babies it’s the best time to touch their ears, and paws. Get them used to baths, nail clippings and being brushed. The more you throw at them on a regular basis as a puppy the more they accept as adults.

Being us, we took that further and incorporated the calm sitting before food, ease at being in the car, and unfortunately for Finley… clothes. We do try to be respectful of him and never make him wear anything that bothers his sight or ability to walk- nothing constricting.  He’s never in the get-ups for more than 5 minutes at a time and we try not to over whelm him.  And we are big on giving praise while he’s being a good boy in them. Because, let’s face it, any dog who can put up with us is pretty great!

Note: I would never recommend anyone to dress their animals up unless you are comfortable with your animal. Also please don’t ever take my “know-it-all-ness” as  dog parenting lessons.

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  1. August 13, 2010 8:47 am

    I’m with you on this one. I don’t really understand people who legitimately dress their dogs on a routine basis but the occasional fashion show never hurt anyone (if the dog is amenable and safe, like you said). We got Sadie into a ladybug costume briefly last Halloween. She was so cute. But then she threw up for some reason and the moment was gone. We haven’t played dress-up since :)

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