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Back To School…

August 19, 2010

It’s that time of year… Back to school!!

And this year it doesn’t just mean that I oogle all the “BTS” supply aisles at Target and buy new boxes of crayons even though I don’t need them.  This year it has an additional meaning for me.

After graduating undergrad for more than 3 years ago I have decided that I want to try some graduate classes.

Pause for my moment of panic now that I acknowledge that writing it means that I have to follow through…

I have decided to do this rather abruptly; It’s due in part to a lot of thinking that I was doing too much reading and sitting around in my “away from work” time and a lot of feeling like I don’t ever use my brain anymore (ya’ know that big lumpy pink thing in my head…)

I was never sad to go back to school (I was, however, sad to take tests, write papers and have homework due.) So I am looking forward to my first day of class.  I am looking forward to being challenged and I am looking forward to having something else that might set me aside from my peers in future job hunts.

My class will be one night  a week,  from 4ish to 7ish and is an intro class for the “Masters in Higher Education Administration”.  Question I got yesterday by someone at work: “Does that mean you want to be a principal?” – Um no. It means that I enjoy working for a University and think that it would be a great stepping stool into larger positions.

I’ve already had challenges with re-enrolling as a “Post Baccalaureate Studies” student and I have a feeling it wont be easy. Classes for full time students started yesterday but my course wont start until next week, so I need my book and to figure out parking and etc etc etc…

My big question for my self with this course isn’t “can I get an A?” it’s more like  “Can I get my Masters?” “Am I graduate school material?” “Is this something I want?” “Would this be a waste of time?”

So I’ll take this class. Maybe next semester I’ll take another… but then I am going to decide if this is something that is important to me.  At that point I will decided whether or not to take the GRE and then see what happens. A great benefit to working at the University now is that I am permitted a few free courses a year so it’s kind of like “Why the heck not??”

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  1. Dad permalink
    August 19, 2010 5:04 pm

    Actually it is gray not pink in your head. Maybe some science classes?

    Great to hear you are going back to school !!!

  2. August 20, 2010 8:44 am

    I have to say, I found grad school so much more rewarding than undergrad. I was much more focused and interested in the material, which is better a recipe for success than being forced to go to classes when you are hungover. I loved doing my masters and now, working for a University, I continue taking classes. I’m sure you’ll do great and maybe even be surprised how much you enjoy it. Good luck!


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