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Finley Friday: Breath Edition…

August 20, 2010

I want you all to be super thankful that you on the other side of the screen from my sweet dog right now.

This guy:

The tiny 50 lb furball that we let sleep in the bed, sit on the couch and dictate where we take vacations based who is dog friendly, whose paws and head smell like fritos, who wags his tail if we even talk AT his general direction… this guy has the worst breath I have EVER smelled.

Seriously, We brush his teeth at least once a month but his breath just stays at this constant stench level. This would almost be tolerable if he were a normal dog but because he has such  sunny outlook on life this is Finley on a regular day:

{ Both pictures via Our Engagement Session with Bella Rose Photography }

See our problem? His tongue hangs out all the time, which means that his breath radiates from within.

I know we could brush his teeth more often but that doesn’t fix the day to day smell. I know dogs in general don’t smell like roses but this is bad.

So, to those of  you with fur-babies of your own, please tell me your favorite ways to keep your dogs breath in the “normal” range.

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