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Weekend Recap…

August 30, 2010

This was my weekend in a nutshell:

Oh wait were you expecting more pictures? Yeah, none exist.

My computer hard drive crashed 2 weeks ago and after DAYS of “recovery scans” I finally had the time to devote the whole weekend to go through each file that we could save and I finally finished organizing things back into folders. I deleted partial files and corrupted documents.

At first I was sad… I could see parts of pictures that I had to delete and was realizing how many years were on that hard drive. Then I went though a phase where I was irritated with how much crap I kept on my computer. Then I was mad at the c-r-a-p that was recovered compared to the things were lost.

So I spent my weekend yelling at what’s left of hard drive… Hope y’all got out and enjoyed a gorgeous weekend away from your computers!

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