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Fall is Just Around the Corner…

August 31, 2010

I have to admit to being a Spring and Summer fan way more than I am a Fall or Winter fan. So part of my motivation in asking what you all were looking forward to this Fall in my giveaway post was to remind my self of what good things were to come.

You all seem to be looking forward to:

You are all looking forward to football, colorful leaves, cooler air, spiced drinks and comfy clothes (woohoo for Yoga pants, cords, danskos  and hoodies!), Open windows, Halloween decorations, and being outdoors more.

I would like to add to the list too, like school supplies:

I also love to spend Sundays watching Meg Ryan movies.  What is it about her and her cute “RomCom” movies that make you want to lay down and not move until they are over? I watch them ever time they are on TV even though I own them.

September is around the corner, as in tomorrow. Football season starts this weekend and this past week had a break in the heat… so thank you all for getting me ready for Fall!

Also, here’s a big shout out to those of you celebrating Anniversaries and Engagements this fall! Congrats!

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