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Eight Questions…

September 7, 2010

Cute Melissa from Duoly Noted tagged me to answer eight questions about my self after someone else tagged her. And I am all for a game of  “Tag You’re It!” as long as no running is involved…

1. If you could have an unlimited shoe budget or purse budget which one would you pick?

I think I would go with shoes. A few years ago I would have said purse, but I tend to get one that goes with most outfits and is so big it could fit a small village in it.  Meanwhile,  I feel like changing shoes changes my mood and my outfits.

Although, my confession here will also be that I even with an unlimited budget I would most likely buy the same shoes in different colors.

2. If you could change lives with one person for a day who would it be?

Truth be told, this is the last question that I answered out of all of them because I just do not know! I also think I’d miss my little Finley (oh and Albie too!)

But I think I would pick Samantha Brown. Sam is my favorite Travel Channel hostess and I just think she has so much fun when she travels. But I think, before I trade I would need to look at where she is traveling so I can pick somewhere awesome!

3. What is the one place you haven’t been that you want to visit before you die?

If the rule is to only pick ONE place then I chose France. Paris, the country, the beaches… I would live there if I could.

But to pick one place is just cruel, if I could I would have a list as long as my arm of the places I visit.

4. What is your most unrealistic fear?

I have pretty realistic fears, the biggest of which is Finley getting old and … ahem…  Moving on.

My unrealistic fears are most associated by how concerned I am with what other people think about me.  I know I shouldn’t care but I do and I am always nervous that something I say or do will affect how someone sees me. (This was a particular struggle of mine this weekend.)

5. If you could compete in an Olympic sport, which one would you pick?

Could I say “judging”? I think I am much better at watching someone else do something then deciding if they did it well. If I had to be actually good enough at something to be an Olympian (and picking from this list) I might pick Sailing. Ooo or Equestrian!

6. What was the last book you read and did you like it?

The last book I finished was “Certain Girls” by Jennifer Weiner. I did enjoy it. It was the third book by her I have read. But I am so stressed by all the class readings I am totally behind on my fun readings.

7. What song best describes how you are feeling this moment?

“Sixteen going on Seventeen” in the Sound of Music.

I stumbled upon Sound of Music while I was starting to blog on Sunday afternoon and I loooovvee that song in the movie! Liesl’s dress is perfect for twirling! I just think that song is so cute and happy. I also love that I met Albie when I was sixteen going on seventeen so I sing along like it’s my song.

8. Who is your rolemodel?

I don’t know if I have a role model. But one of my favorite quotes in the whole world is: “My  goal in life is to be half the person my dog thinks I am.” I think that’s what I am going to go based off of right now.

So now,  here’s the fun part!  I get to tag eight people to answer my eight questions:

I know “tagging” people can be tough and this isn’t a scary middle school chain letter but it’s always fun to learn more about bloggers you like so tag if you want, or don’t… it’s up to you :)

  1. Becky (who is a newlywed!) from Love is a Verb
  2. Emily from A Cambridge Story
  3. Wendy (who is a new blogger!) from Life. With.Me
  4. Ashley (who is a new Mom!) from Our Little Williams’ Family
  5. Tam from Tam’s Thoughts
  6. Lauren from Meet the Chapmans
  7. Alyssa from All Things Alyssa
  8. Stephanie (who is also a new-ish blogger!) from The Rest is Still Unwritten…

Here are my questions:

  1. What is your least favorite food?
  2. As a past wedding guest, what is one thing that annoys you? How did you (or plan to) avoid it at your own wedding?
  3. What movie can you quote along with the best?
  4. What’s one thing that will be on your Christmas list this year?
  5. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
  6. If you could live in any other decade which one would you pick?
  7. Where has the best meal of your life been and what did you eat?
  8. What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
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  1. September 7, 2010 4:30 pm

    How fun!!! I am so excited to be included!!!!!

  2. September 9, 2010 10:33 pm

    How fun! I JUST tagged you in one tonight and then read this one! Thanks for the tag!


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