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Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes 51-71…

September 13, 2010

This is the end of the CeeCee Wilkes story, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters as well as many of the other Bookend Bloggers! I already voted for the book I want next and secretly it’s already been purchased just in case! But I can’t wait for the announcement about which book it is!

Without further ado  here are the final questions and answers for the Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes:

{For past Chapters break downs here are chapters 1- 10, 11-20, 21-35,  and 36-50}

1. At the end we find out Tim was sending Cory money because he thought she could be his daughter since he was having an affair with Genevieve. Did you see this coming?

Absolutely not! And I actually entirely forgot about this entirely until just now! I remember being surprised that Tim was one of Genevieve’s students let lone having an affair!

2. By the end of the story, what were your feelings about Eve? How had they changed since the beginning?

I think I felt the same about Eve. I am glad she got some  closure in the end but throughout the whole story I felt like she wasn’t someone I could completely  identify with because of her lying and sneakiness.  From the beginning I do feel as though she grew as a person and matured quite a bit but I still just couldn’t agree with what she had done.

3. Were you happy with the way President Russel treated Cory?

I thought President Russel treated her the same way I would have expected of his character: open arms, welcoming etc.  I wasn’t surprised at how he expected her to turn against her mother but I was surprised that he thought that she would want to reciprocate his feelings so quickly.

4. If you were in Cory’s shoes and had just found out all of this about the woman who raised you and who you believed to be your mother, how would you react? Would you forgive?

I don’t know. I hope that I would be able to forgive but I tend to hold grudges so I might have struggled more than Cory did. Cory was also pregnant at the time and I think maybe the thought of becoming a mother made her heart softer?

5. In your mind, how does this story end? Do they all live happily ever after? Does Cory go on having relationships with her old family and her new family?

I would like to think that Cory was able to mend things with the family that raised her and also keep some contact with her biological family. I think that realistically there are still hard feelings and I can’t see the grandparents sharing the newest generation well but I can see them making an effort to try and smooth things out to make life a little easier.

6. How do you think Cory has changed throughout the story? Have your feelings about her changed?

My feelings toward Cory changed a little when she started visiting her Mom in prison and started to stand on her own feet a bit more. Leaving Ken was the right thing to do and I am glad she did it. Overall though, I did find Cory hard to like, I know a lot of people who were sheltered and have helicopter parents and they didn’t take it as far as she did, to me that made her hard to empathize with.

I did really like this book, again I read it in one day. I sat down and just kept turning the pages – stopped to help my brother move- then came back and finished it.  Once you started the story you were interested in how it would end and invested in who everyone was  as well as how they were connected.
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  1. September 13, 2010 11:06 pm

    Cory kind of irritated me as well. I think part of her probablem was Ken, and once she got away from him, and started to realize how much her mother did love her and had the best intentions for her, I started to like her again.

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