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Day Three of Ten…

September 24, 2010

Continuing on with my Ten Days series, here are eight things I can’t live without:

1. DVR: I love funny and smart commercials. I even majored in marketing. But if there is one thing that irks me on a relaxing night, it’s having to sit wait through commercial breaks during my favorite shows.

DVR and I get along like mac and cheese because I also don’t need to arrange my life around good TV shows. I can catch up on Mad Men on Tuesday nights or watch Teen Mom on Friday afternoons.

2. Dr. Pepper: This is my breakfast drink, lunch pick-me-up and afternoon thirst-quencher. Spare me on the “it’s so bad for you” speech… I know but it’s so good I don’t care.

3. Google: How did I find out the answers to ANYTHING before Google existed? I remember needing to buy a newspaper for movie times where now I just google it.  I also remember watching the TV guide channel for a list of upcoming shows, you had to wait until the channel rolled around to tell you what was coming on and where to find it! Figuring out the weather? That was another time you reference the newspaper for the week ahead guesses or  sit and watch the weather channel until your town scrolled across the bottom.

Google, thank you for not only providing me with movie times, channel lineups and the weather but also pictures of celebrities, good website recommendations, addresses and answers to my burning questions.

4. A GPS: We bought a GPS with some wedding money and it has been the biggest life saver/ marriage saver.  Relying on “Joan”  (our GPS’s name) has helped us to avoid directional arguments, find gas in the middle of Mississippi, and get me out of an unintentional trip to the ghetto more than once.  Joan has yelled at us to “BEAR LEFT, BEAR LEFT, BEAR LEFT” as we entered Chicago at 2 AM and she tried to trick us into taking the Ferry out of New Orleans, but for the most part plug her in, turn her on and go.

5. My little family: Finley and Albie are always pumped to have me come home after a long day and are always ready to sit on the couch or go out to eat with me.

My boys circa April 2008

6. My Contacts and/ or glasses: I just started to know my eyesight slipping in a summer literature class I was taking before my Senior year of college and since then I have come to totally rely on my glasses at night and my contacts  during the day. I can’t drive without them, can’t watch TV without them and just plain old can’t see without them.

7. Bojangles: This is my version of comfort food. Pick it up and take it home, or just eat it in the car under a shady tree… Breakfast, Lunch or dinner – it just warms me up and fills me up. Give me a Chicken Biscuit with cheese and a large Dr. Pepper and my mood will improve 100%!

8. Tourism: Even if it’s a day trip, every now and then I just need to get the heck out of dodge. Eat somewhere new, rely on the gps, visit an aquarium, buy a Christmas ornament. It’s so refreshing to get in the car or hop on a plane and just leave life for a bit.

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  1. September 24, 2010 12:09 pm

    HA! So true, how on earth did we know anything or find anything before Google? Total game changer!

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