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Day Six of Ten…

September 27, 2010

Today I am supposed to be writing about Five people that mean a lot to me but I can’t get past thinking that writing the names of only five people that would hurt feelings and leave people out.

So I am going off the list and I am listing five things that mean a lot to me, kind of like the five things I would never get rid of and would take with me in a fire assuming Albie, Finley & Squirtle were safe outside too.)

1. I feel like the standard answer here in the number one  slot is “My Photo Albums” but in this day and age I actually have very few printed pictures. So my number one thing to keep with me would be our computer’s. When my computer crashed this summer I realized how many years worth of memories were kept on those hard drives. Definitely not something I would leave behind.

2.  My notebook of notes from Albie.  At one point I kept all the notes  I had ever received, they were in a GIANT Limited Too bag and now I have no clue where most of them are, but  I am so glad that I kept the notes Albie and I passed to each other in high school. I have all the boring notes where Albie complained about Latin class and I talk about skipping class to walk to Hardees. The notes don’t say a lot but they are the closest thing I have to a journal from that time so they are really special to me.

3.  This is my obvious one but my jewelry  would be a keeper.  I have my wedding set, my pearls, and some vintage pieces from my grandmother.  I have my random  J Crew necklaces and my Yurman. And of course I have my wedding earrings and my sparkly pink prom accessories.  Jewelry tells so many different stories and I would take it all with me.

4.  My Christmas ornaments box.  We may have only started collecting our own ornaments 2 years ago but now each one means so much, and they took so much time and thought to buy that I will always want to keep them.

5. Then, just because I am cheesy and still technically a newlywed I would keep my signed photo frame and boxes of cards from the wedding. I love the reminders of how many people care about us and wanted too see us get married.

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  1. September 28, 2010 1:34 pm

    It’s so cute that you have your notes in a binder! I have all of my emails from Rob in a folder together, but it’s just not the same as something handwritten!! :)

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