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Hatin’: Outfit Style…

October 5, 2010

Yesterday morning I put on black dress pants, heels and a white cami then proceeded to pace my closet cursing all of my clothes. I went on to put a plain bright pink v-neck shirt.

I had one of those morning where I hated everything!

This is not me in the morning.

A shirt was the wrong shade of pink, or a fabric felt “itchy”. A sweater had a mark on it, another top made me look chunky. It went on and on.  I won’t even admit how late I was to work.

Today, I put on khaki chino pants and then proceeded to not know what to wear AGAIN! I ended up with a navy blue tank top with a white cardigan on top.

It’s only Tuesday and this is the first week in a new season where it has been cooler than 80 degrees and I am already at a loss for what to wear. It’s not that I don’t have clothes, it’s that I hate them all right now. Every morning I walk into my closet and see nothing but T-shirts and summer dresses.  Imagine what that means I am in the mood to wear each day?

Obviously I know I have never been a super trendy person, and Albie would kill me if I got a bought all the TB Revas  have been eying lately but I just wish someone could come into my closet and tell me:

  • What should stay and what should go
  • How to rearrange it so I see work clothes first and lounge clothes second
  • What basic pieces am I missing?
  • How to add patterns and prints to my everyday outfits

So I have clothes, I have the big walk-in closet big enough for me to pace important wardrobe decisions but the one thing I don’t have… style sense.

I love reading OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) Blogs and blogs where these adorable girls post pictures of the cute things they wear each week or for other outings. Tam always has cute accessories and seems to have the perfect little outfit for going out to eat with her husband. Kate has really cute style that’s fun even though she is a lawyer and need to dress to meet clients at work. Even this CAWife has the cutest teacher outfits that she posts weekly. Don’t even get me started on Megan’s sense of style; It’s crazy fashionable yet wearable.

Anyone else completely covet other people’s sense of style and ability to put together outfits?

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  1. October 6, 2010 10:02 pm

    Girl, I know exactly what you mean!! One day I will think–I have the prettiest clothes in the whole wide word. Then the next day–what on earth am I going to wear?! I love the title! It cracked me up!

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