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Yearly Perspective…

November 14, 2010

Some people measure a “year” January to December. When I was a student a year would be August to July. Now a year seems to be football season to football season.

Even though our season isn’t over, our home games are. So to me- the busy parts are done and I can reflect on the past year.

This time last year I re-discovered reading. It was an accident and I didn’t think I would – a friend lent me her Twilight (I know I know, stop laughing.) and I SPED through it. The I was scrapping for New Moon… then Eclipse and then Breaking dawn. I read the whole series within a week. I would be up until 2 am and then sneaking it under my desk. I took full hour lunches just to read and read at stop lights.

Then someone suggested the Nicholas Sparks books: all short, all sappy and all based around my hometown – Score! From there it was anything I had meant to read since college and any suggestions I could gather. I joined Goodreads and a little book club. Reading has been my favorite addition to life in the past year.

It was so fun to remember reading was for pleasure instead of based off class requirements! But reading was just one of the things to look back on this year.

This was the year we got a coffee table and committed to a printed rug in the living room. We celebrated our first anniversary and Finley’s third birthday – both with barbecue.  I have had some friendships fizzle and some grow.  We did some traveling, bought a new car,  and tried some new recipes.

Last year our Christmas card helped us to sum up our year in 3 pictures: The wedding, Finley, and oh yeah… the wedding.

This year I feel like we haven’t done anything that is “picture card worthy”. I know I have the blog to prove me wrong, because I can go back and see everything I thought was worthwhile to post and see how that paints the picture of our year. But maybe just to stick with the norm I will have an impromptu backyard photo shoot this this week…

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  1. Sarah permalink
    November 14, 2010 11:48 am

    Hey!! I was thinking the exact same thing about our “family” and thought it’d be so much easier if we had someone to take the pics. If you want to trade being photographer, let me know. I’d be glad to be photographer for you guys!!

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