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{N}Ice Day Off…

January 11, 2011

While the rest of the south was getting snow, here in Raleigh we got a gentle covering of ice.  While Ice may be the not as exciting as snow, it yields the same results in granting some of us a very precious day off in the middle of the week!

I spent the first part of my ice day touching base with work and getting the go ahead to stay in yoga pants at home with Finley. (Ok I didn’t really tell them I would be in yoga pants all day but that was the plan.) Albie is still considered required to work even on ice days so he went in around noon after we slept in WAY late.

I enjoyed waffles on the couch with some 90210 re-runs before checking my work email and setting about the house on some normal chores that get neglected. Then with a brief glance at my planner the worry and dread started to kick in… my trip to LA is sooner then I thought!

My  brain switched gears and I pulled out the laptop for some intense travel site searching. All that got halted by the dollar signs. They were everywhere…. Instead of a hotel have the nice $$ next to it’s name it seems most of them were accompanied by the $$$$$!! Even prices at Disneyland seem outrageous to me!

So my snow day went from relaxing to money crazed in about 10 minutes.

I think I made some good headway with cute hotels, and a quick check of the weather shows me that it will be in high 60’s while we out there so at least there’s that…

…now excuse me while I try to rummage my house for things to sell on-line so we can afford that LA lifestyle for a few days.

Suggestions on visiting LA or telling me some of your favorite things you’ve done out there are very welcome!

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  1. Lindsey T. permalink
    January 12, 2011 9:47 am

    I went to LA in August and posted on my blog about it, but I’ll send you a few ideas via e-mail if you want!

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