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Finley Friday: Penny Pee Pants…

January 28, 2011

Jen Lancaster, one of my favorite authors, did a blog post on her newest puppy who is like a crazy lovable hurricane in their house. She always cracks me up, but this time I couldn’t help but think back to one of our past foster puppies, Miss Penelope.

We adopted Finley the week before we graduated college. Albie had a month before he started his job and I was, well I was looking. So we had a lot free time and we were able to throw our selves into training our puppy. We watched more Cesar Milan than anyone should and did more research on how to raise a well behaved dog then some new parents do. One fact we kept running across was how dogs act in packs. Since we had adopted Finley from a local rescue group we showed some interest in fostering puppies to create that “pack” environment for Finley.

We also figured that since we were getting up every 3 – 4 hours to take Finley outside, why not add another dog into the mix. Ha!

Well the first puppy we fostered was a dream, we had him 3 days and all he did was sleep and get multiple baths since they had found him with tree sap all over him.

Cozmo was the dream foster puppy… so we did it again.

This time we got Miss Penelope:

That is sincerely the picture they sent me to ask if I would foster her. Duh! She looked like she was just asking me to come get her out of jail so of course I would!

We picked her up the day she was spayed and she didn’t miss a beat. She was playful, energetic and lovable. This should have been our warning – even when on pain meds she was crazy.

Penelope was so crazy, and playful, and jumpy, and bark-y. She didn’t really understand the concept of peeing outside and constantly reaked of pee. We had many a nickname for this puppy- Penny Pee Pants was my favorite but she was so bad that even to this day we joke about “Baddd Penny” everytime we see this beer:

But as crazy as she was, I loved her so much. She was a crazy influence on Finley and they were like siblings in every way:

But like with every foster dog you know it’s temporary. So you help review applications and you take her outside to sit in flowers so she looks pretty on her adoption page. You take her on home visits to see if families like her and you spend every Saturday you can at adoption events.

But because puppies are born everyday due to people not spaying and neutering (this is my soapbox, do not get me started.) and Penny continued to grow, she continued to be bark-y and jumpy and she was a black dog that shed.  Months went by.

The more she pooped in the dining room on my white carpet and the more she destroyed the more I loved her more for some reason.   Every time a family wanted to meet her I cried. Every time a family said “She’s just not right for us” I cried. This went on for over 6 months. Until finally we agreed that we could not be a 2 dog household (err… apartment) and we told the foster agency that she would need a new foster home.

The night before we said goodbye we both cried, no not Albie he was pumped to have the house not smell like dog pee anymore, Penny and I cried. We loved each other. I let her on the bed just this once and I told her I hoped she found a family with a little boy would run the shit out of her until she slept through the night.  I told her that someone would love her as much as I did. Then I gave her a big hug.

So that’s my story on Miss Penny Pee Pants. I’ve never seen her again but I think about her all the time. She did get adopted but I have no clue by who. Sometimes I even cry when I think of her because I miss her- pathetic I know. But just like Jen Lancaster her house full of crazy pets, you can’t help but love them.

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  1. January 28, 2011 7:08 pm

    So sweet! That just made me cry…

    Today must be a dog blogging day. I’m working on one about my lab now. :)

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