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Christmas Recap…

February 1, 2011

I know it’s February 1st and Christmas was forever ago but I had to get these last pictures on the blog before I loose them on the computer forever.

We technically didn’t celebrate Christmas until after the new year anyway, so I think that makes it ok to post pictures now.

Albie and I didn’t exchange with each other which is something we’ve done a few times around big holidays or birthdays – we gift to ourselves all year and now that our money is combined it’s kind of silly to buy the other person something they may not want. So on vacations we try to do something big or unusual that counts as a “gift” to each other.

Aside from us normally skimping on the gifts to each other we do have fun gifting to other people.  I do most of gifting through baking and fattening other people up like the coaches I work with and some of my favorite neighbors:

This year I made cake pops and bites and chocolate covered pretzles!

Christmas was so weird this year with it being stretched out, not at home, then being on a budget after the trip there wasn’t a lot of present exchanges. (Y’all know what I got and I still love all my pieces despite the big ugly hole in one.)

But you can see below that Albie was was a lucky boy this year and got a nerf gun (as did I!), some bourbon, and a new computer. I’m sure nerds everywhere are impressed with his holiday.

As overly loving and parental as we are to Finley, we also don’t gift to him. I am 99% sure he is human, but sometimes I remember he is a dog and probably couldn’t care less about opening gifts. Then other people remember our sweet guy and he gets beyond excited to open a box of milk bones.

We also got the pleasure to celebrate Christmas on New Years with my family. My brother had his sweet girlfriend in town who is practically a baby (anyone born in the 90’s are babies to me) but she liked Finley so we like her. I stirred up drama with my sister because that’s what sisters do on holidays and I gave my mom a print by her favorite local artist.  (-1 for me, then +1 for me)

All in all a good Christmas, but pardon me if I don’t start my countdown until next year just yet. This year’s dragged on a bit…

Also, tenny-tiny confession time: I still haven’t written my Christmas thank you’s. I am almost embarrassed to send this late in the game, thoughts on still sending them??

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  1. February 1, 2011 1:28 pm

    I think it’s still ok…people know you have been traveling. I just received a thank you from a wedding gift I gave in November ’09!! It was still appreciated even though I long forgot about the gift.

  2. February 1, 2011 4:58 pm

    Giving cake pops….yum!

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