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Los Angeles Trip Recap 1…

February 6, 2011

Day 1:

Our flight to LA departed Raleigh at 6 am and connected through Boston. So yes, middle of January I booked a flight that had us waking up at 4 am to fly into a place who was having what everyone was calling a snowmageddon… I suddenly realized why our flights were so “reasonably priced.”

Regardless, I was beyond excited to be finally getting out to the West Coast so time of day and weather be damn – I was excited!

We flew JetBlue for all of our flights and we are big fans. They have tons of leg room and give snacks for every flight regardless of how long it is. I also love the little TVs in each head rest, the movies tend to cost a little extra but there’s nothing like a Law & Order marathon to make a flight go by quickly!

Once we landed we navigated our way into renting a car and made our way from LAX over to Hollywood where I had a full afternoon of cheesy tourist activities planned.

First up was a trip to an In-N-Out burger.

We were excited to see what all the fuss was about and in all honesty it was just a burger. We’d been up since 4 am East Coast time and were finally eating our first real meal at 1:30 West Coast time so I think a shoe would have tasted yummy.  But the one thing that threw us for a loop was the calories posted on the menu. Nothing like making you feel fat before you even order!

After the our burgers we headed over to Grauman’s Chinese theater to look at the famous hand prints in the cement and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I found that my hands fit with Dorris Day’s and Albie has similar sized feet to Tom Hanks.

The walk of fame was so much larger in person that I thought it would be. It goes on for block and blocks and there is no real organization to which celebrities are placed near each other. I’ll spare you on how long it took us to find Marylin Monroe’s star.

Grauman’s was also the start of our tour route for our Starline open bus tour. This tour was over 2 hours and took us all over the major sights in the Hollywood area, took us through Beverly Hills and on a tour of some stars’ homes.

Our driver was great and hilarious, but the best part was how convenient everything was. We were able to check off all the “Hollywood Must Sees” that were in my guidebook – uh yes I bought a guide book, duh.

We went be a lot of gates and pretty landscaping and were told “Nicole Kidman lives here” and a few doors down we’d see more landscaping covering a huge house and we’d hear “Orlando Bloom lives here”… it was really neat to see who are neighbors in real life and to see how normal their neighborhoods are – you know for LA anyways.

In the pictures above, I have the house Michael Jackson died in, which was across the street from where Elvis used to live. We saw where Dr. Phil lives (“The House that Oprah Built”)

We also went by the Hollywood sign but the smog for that day was a bit thick so we wen back a few days later too.

Once the tour was over we went into Madame Taussaud’s Wax Museum which is creepy realistic but very cool. We were there like an hour before closing on a weeknight, so we had the whole place practically to our selves which was perfect for the obscene amount of pictures I took.

And Yes, I am attempting to throw up some gang signs with Snoop Dogg in the same collage that Sue from Glee yells at me in her office and Albie makes fun of Conan O’Brien’s head.

That first day in LA was extremely long since we had heard the best way to avoid jet lag was to stay awake. Stay awake we did. We drove down to Anaheim  where we staying for our next day at Disneyland.Our hotel was the Paradise Pier and it was across the street from the Grand Californian Hotel which connected to the parks.

We absolutely LOVED our hotel. We considered ourselves super lucky to have the opportunity to stay there. After staying off property for our trip to Disney World in December, we really realized how great it is to stay with Disney for a Disney vacation. I am always impressed with their rooms, the themes, the staff, the cleanliness and the benefits you get, Not to mention the location is unbeatable.

After we checked in, we walked over to Downtown Disney and got dinner. We walked around and went into shops. I bought everything that said “Disneyland” anywhere on it, including a t-shirt that I wear every chance I can.

Albie also had a chance to regressed about 20 years when we went into the Lego store.  Overall we had a great time at downtown disney.

The post I’ll do on Day 2 is entirely about our trip and day at Disneyland/ California Adventure and it’s hard not to compare the Florida parks to the California parks  but I have to tell you that if you are comparing the two Downtown Disneys then the one in Anaheim wins. It connects the two parks, is close to the hotels, has everything you need to enjoy your self after the parks close and it yet still very family friendly.

We were in bed by 11 pm west coast time and after being awake for almost 20 hours, we slept like babies. I think traveling, time changes, and the excitement of Disney will do that to you though…

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  1. February 7, 2011 9:56 am

    Love your photo collages! I’m really glad you embraced the cheesy tourist side of you and did some of the things “everyone” does when they go to California. There’s a reason why those are the big tourist traps! The Wax Museum kind of freaks me out–it’s weird how much they look like the people they’re modeled after!

  2. February 8, 2011 11:10 am

    Glad to see that you had fun in my home town! I don’t get up to the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area much anymore, so it’s cool to see what out-of-towners do there.

    I like in-n-out a lot — but I agree that it’s just a burger. I do like that they have “secret menu” though so your can order your burgers special ways if you know the lingo.

    It’s crazy how many celebs live in the the BH neighborhoods with “regular people”. My best friend from college grew up 2 doors down from the Osborns, lol.

    I’ve actually never been up to the Hollywood sign — funny. I’ve been to Griffith Observatory which has similar views though.


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