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7 Facts Blog Award…

February 13, 2011

Becky over at Keep on the Sunny Side gave me an award! Isn’t she the cutest?? – Her wedding is in March and each time she generally asks for wedding advice I can’t help but write her a novel about my opinions and thoughts. So yay for an award from a sweet girl!

1. My new favorite thing in this whole world is watching Netflix on our Wii. We hooked it up about a month ago and now we barely watch regular TV unless it’s DVR’d. We have started watching 30 Rock from the beginning and I am a big fan.

2.  I helped my friend build her new dresser/ changing table today and am I am SORE from all the actual moving around I did! It took around 4 hours and the two of us worked the whole time. There were mistakes and we got kind of punchy near the end but I think it turned out awesome!

Picture from JC Penny

At one point she had me feel her belly because baby Miller was kicking and she wanted me to feel – needless to say he stopped kicking once I put on my hand on her belly but I just couldn’t get over what a pregnant belly feels likes! I’m sure I touched a belly before, but it was so funny to know a baby is in there!

3. My phone is provided through work and it looks like it is from 1982, not August 2010 – either way I want a personal phone and I have started looking around at other people’s phones – I’d love recommendations. Obviously the iPhone intrigues me, but having a phone that does more then text and call someone scares me a bit.

4. Every time I have free time I organize the weirdest things – this weekend I checked ALL the pens in the house to make sure they worked, put ALL the CD’s in one spot (woohoo to the Container Store!), then bought boxes and organized ALL the paperwork, pictures and cards throughout the whole house. It was fabulous and I loved spending my weekend doing that!

Doesn't it look awesome!

5.  Albie is having me read this book that he loves in which I lovingly refer to it as “the nerd book” – I am making a big fuss about it but it’s going to be a show on HBO this spring so I am interested to see how it is.

6. We casually looked at some puppies this past week on line and even though we were not even near the serious phase I couldn’t help but stat naming them in my head and even worse I couldn’t help but be crushed when I saw they were already adopted by the end of the week :(

Not the actual puppies I was looking at, but still omgoodness thems is so cutes!!!

7.  I wear contacts every day but have night time and day time glasses. Even though my nighttime glasses are older and not the correct prescription I sometimes wear them around the house because they have wire frames and they are much easier to fall asleep on – they mush better.

And with that my 7 random facts are over! I am supposed to sward some other bloggers but I think I’ve actually seen it on some other people’s blogs recently so instead I’d love it if you leave one random fact comment for me!

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  1. February 13, 2011 10:05 pm

    you are so hilarious!! i love your seven random posts! i love love love your wedding advice and always feel free to send it my way!! what’s the book you’re reading?? is it on your goodreads? i’m trying to get motivated to read les mis since we’re seeing the show in march!

  2. Lindsey T. permalink
    February 15, 2011 12:22 pm

    I LOVE my iPhone. And I went from a flip phone (without even a camera) to the iPhone. I have never looked back.

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