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Ape House: Chapters 13-25…

February 17, 2011

I am super super behind on answering these questions for the latest section of Ape House for the Book Club and it’s mostly due to my lack of free time for reading.  But when I can read, I am glad it’s this book!

The chapters fly by and the writing is good enough to keep me interested in all aspects of the story. I really like how it’s written in 3rd person and you can get inside each characters head a bit. I think that rounds out the story for me.

{ Chapters 1-12 are here!}

  • Would you watch or be tempted to watch a show like Ape House?

I am not a reality TV show person. I just do not find it appealing to watch other people go through manipulated situations – with that said , I would probably tune into an Ape House type show at first. The aspects of just watching animals is interesting to me.

I will also say, however, that I would never pay for a show like Ape House and I would absolutely turn it off the second that “Prine Time” crap starts.

  • Do you think John did the right thing by quitting his job and moving to L.A.?

I think he did the best thing for his career by quitting. That job had gotten to a point where it was terrible and I was surprised he was actually doing some of the stories he was given!

As for moving out to LA, I think he did what he thought was best, and I do think it may help his marriage – but I’m not sure why he didn’t just stand his ground in Philadelphia where the cost of living is cheaper and traffic isn’t so terrible.

  • We haven’t seen a whole lot of Isabel in this section, but what do you think of Peter now that we know more about him?

I was surprised Peter was such a dirt bag, but then again I guess I am mostly glad it wasn’t Celia. I had started to like her!

  • Can John turn the ape story for the tabloid into something he is proud of? Is he getting a little bit of redemption by being assigned to his dream story again even if it is for a tabloid?

I think he can! I think he has enough good writing in his background and enough scruples to turn out good product for a crappy tabloid. I hope that he gets a good story!

  • Have your thoughts on John and Amanda’s marriage changed since last week? Where do you see their marriage headed?

My thoughts on them are the same but I do think it’s awful how superficial Amanda has become. I don’t care what people say about me, I wouldn’t be getting procedures done unless I wanted them.  I also think it’s INCREDIBLY rude and selfish to be spending thousands of dollars on Louboutins and face injections when your husband doesn’t have a steady job.

  • What do you think will end up happening to the apes?

I want them to end up somewhere awesome. I  just picture Isabel living with them like Jane Goodall did – I think people could learn a lot from them and Isabel is the right person to help them develop their language skills more.

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  1. February 18, 2011 8:03 pm

    I can’t imagine paying extra to watch a tv show.

  2. February 18, 2011 8:16 pm

    Good point about the show. I definitely wouldn’t pay for it.

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