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Show Us Your Life: Alma Maters…

February 18, 2011

Today I am linking up with Kelly’s Korner to show y’all my Alma Mater.

Senior year of high school I knew I wanted to go NC State University. I knew I wanted to major in business and I knew I couldn’t wait to go away to the same college as Albie! Unfortunately my SAT scores had other plans for me and I went to Meredith College for my freshman year. (I go into the whole background of me getting into my different schools HERE)

Recently someone asked me why I thought I was successful at NC State and without hesitation I answered- Because of my year at Meredith College.

Meredith helped me to transition from high school to college, introduced me to great girls and had some really unique traditions.  For anyone who’s never heard of Meredith it is an all girl’s college here in Raleigh. It was originally Baptist but is now just a liberal arts school but they still had a break in classes on Wednesday mornings in case you wanted to attend Chapel on campus. The entire student body is right around 2500 girls and every class except my intro to Psych class was smaller then they had been in high school. They had free tutoring every day for every subject, and it was right down the road from NC State.

The biggest thing about my year at Meredith was how I couldn’t “figure my self out” and “take an easy load” – I had the goal of transferring right away and they meant getting above a 3.0 and meeting certain course requirements such as a lab science, calculus, and English. I had to have more than 30 credits to even be considered at State so that meant I had to have FULL semesters.

While Meredith ultimately wasn’t for me, it really is a gorgeous school with a lot to offer. (Watch that tuition bill though – ouch!)

By the end of my freshman year, I still hadn’t gotten accepted to State so I withdrew and packed for home hoping to hear something soon. A few months went by where I took a class at UNC-Wilmington and waitresses a lot – then finally in June I heard back! I was NC State bound!

My transfer orientation was in July and I moved into my dorm in August – State was BIG, and it had MEN, and FOOTBALL… it  was all very scary, but it was good scary.

My first day I walked into my Oceanography class only to learn that the 2 courses I had taken in high school should have been called “marine biology” – the second the professor mentioned the prerequisite of physics and started talking about the salinity of Ocean water, I picked up my cute tote bag and walked out. I walked right back to my dorm room where I proceeded to cry and drop that class.

That same week, I was walking down some stairs in the big business building and a large football player behind me started to bark – ya’ know, like a dog… it scared me, so I fell down the stairs.  It was obviously a wonderful first week.

From there I fit right in – I joined the University Ambassadors and gave campus tours, I worked the football games (thanks to the encouragement from my friend Megan!) and I actually got pretty grades despite being 1 of 400 in a few of my classes.

I loved the football and basketball games and even grew to love our over 2,000 acre campus that I had to walk each day. I lived on campus all 3 year and even one summer. I worked in both the Admissions Office and the Football office as a student. I majored in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing and got a minor in parks, Recreation and Tourism.

NC State was where I was meant to be, and I love everything about it.  I am proud to call it my alma mater and hope that I will always have a family that bleeds Wolfpack Red!

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  1. February 18, 2011 11:15 pm

    I went to MC! My husband went to NCSU. :)

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