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Stumpf – Mansour Wedding…

February 20, 2011

The main reason for our trip out to California was to celebrate the wedding of Jenny and Ali!

Ali is one of Albie’s oldest friends and we were so thrilled for him when he met Jenny once he moved out to California. They are back in North Carolina now and we are so excited to have them back on the East Coast with us!

After the first few days in California, we headed down from Los Angeles to Brea/ Santa Ana for the rehearsal dinner . This was my first wedding as “the plus 1” – this was the first time that Albie was the friend and I was the date so I was thrilled to have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner to get to know other people.

The food was amazing and the toasts were really sweet – Jenny’s bridesmaid were all incredibly talented and creative. They made up a whole song about the couple and had an illustrations to go along with it!

Saturday morning all the North Carolina crowd went our to breakfast before everyone started to get ready. I have never seen the groom side of this before and let me tell you, there was absolutely nothing stressful about the day for them! We watched a movie, we sat around, and then about 20 minutes before it was time to go take pictures, they started to actually get ready.

Needless to say I was ready extremely early because I think I was more prepared for the wedding then these boys were! Since I was early I took a chance to walk around and take pictures.

The wedding ceremony and reception were at the Richard Nixon Library, which was gorgeous!! The weather had been amazing the whole week we were in California and the wedding day was no different – I didn’t need a wrap, tights or anything! It was almost surreal how it was January and we were outside on a perfect sunny day for a wedding.

Jenny’s dress was amazing and her colors were super fun. Hot pink and black with polka dots! It was definitely just the right amount of personality pumped into such a formal and pretty place.

The ceremony was really sweet and Jenny’s little niece was a perfect flower girl.  Seriously, her dress – amazing right??

After the ceremony Albie went off to take pictures with the bridal party and I walked around the Library a bit.

I didn’t explore the whole place, and I kind of regret that, but there was some really pretty china on display and a lego train club had a display!

Once Albie found me we signed the guest book and posed with Elvis and President Nixon before going into the ballroom.

See how fun the polka dots and pink fit into the ornate ball room?! So fun! Also, please look at that bottom left picture above, it is a picture of Ali and Albie and a few of their old friends from high school. They look so young!!

Before we ate our yummy dinner, Jenny and Ali had a cute slide show and had a few more toasts. Albie was the stand in best man since the real best man’s wife was in labor and he couldn’t come out to California.  Albie did a great job on his last minute toast.

Jenny even did her own toast to Ali where she sang to him – it was amazing! The cake cutting was really cute and we actually danced so much I missed eating a piece! I NEVER miss trying the cake – that’s how much dancing we did!

Everyone was so much fun and the music was perfect! Kept everyone dancing all night.

The night was over before we knew it and we were instantly reminded that we only had a few hours before our flight back East.

We were so happy to have been able to go out and celebrate this fun couple’s wedding and we wish them both the best!!

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  1. February 23, 2011 9:28 am

    What a wonderful wedding! I can tell by your picture show much energy there was! You are seriously a pro at your photo collages! :)


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