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Ape House: Chapter 26 – The End…

February 22, 2011

This is last installment of this month’s book club book, Ape House. Once I found time to read, I actually flew through this book and really enjoyed it!


{ Chapters 1-12, Chapters 13-25}


I would recommend this book to others especially people who love animals, because you really do feel bad for the bonobos in how they are treated like objects – anyone who has loved a pet like a family member would definitely be able to relate to Isabel.

  • How would you describe the relationship between John and Isabel?

    I think they have a great working relationship. There may have been some attraction at the beginning but it was probably just their similarities matching up.

    • What was your reaction to finding out Peter’s role in the explosion and capture of the apes?

    I was very surprised that he was a part of the explosion since I thought he at least valued the lab now that he was a part of something better. I thought his past experiences of working in a negative environment was a part of his past.

    • Both John and Amanda ended up achieving their professional goals. Amanda ended up getting pregnant and John is excited about having a baby. Do you think this is the end to their problems? Can John and Amanda be happy?

    Oh lord no! I think Amanda is an unhappy person and she is quick to find something wrong with a situation. She jumped all over details that she thought John was having an affair, and she was so weird out in LA with adapting to who they thought she should be.  I think until she’s happy with her self and doesn’t take things to such a drastic point that they will not be happy together. (Also, I really don’t think adding a baby to the situation is good for anyone, but what do I know.)

    • What did you find to be the most intriguing about the bonobos?

    I think I was really intrigued by how humanistic they were in their wants, their love, and especially their communication. I can see why they are so fascinating to scientist and researchers.

    • Which character did you enjoy reading about the most?

    I really liked reading things from the bonobos perspective. I thought they were an interesting point of view since everything was happening around them and to them. I’d have loved to see what they what they were thinking as Isabel walked through that door at the end, or what they think of their new habitat.

    • Was the ending what you expected? Did things resolve the way you thought they would?

    I definitely felt that she would resolve the ending all nice and neat like that.  It tied up every loose end and answered any questions you could have about their immediate future. I was hopeful for Isabel that she would find someone to love that wasn’t a bonobo but I think now that she has her family back, maybe she could focus on the architect

    • And finally, any overall thoughts or feelings that these questions haven’t addressed? How would you rate this book for others? Any part that you loved? Anything you hated? SHARE!

    I really enjoyed this book and really thought it was an interesting topic. I also really enjoyed seeing how she got into the subject and how the idea for the book was born – knowing that made the book a lot more real for me. In her explanation for the book Sara talked about how she was like John with bringing the book bags full of goodies and I thought that was really cute!

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    1. February 22, 2011 5:05 pm

      I loved reading the author’s note at the end, too! It definitely changed my perspective on the book.

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