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The 83rd Oscars Movie Breakdown…

February 28, 2011
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This year Albie and I were able to see all but 1 Best Picture nominee (127 Hours) as well as a few other nominated movies and even though we didn’t feel like this year’s selections were as strong as years’ past they were definitely entertaining.

I was excited to see James Franco and Anne Hathaway host, I know they were trying to attract a younger demographic with choosing them, and I think they maybe shouldn’t try so hard to aim for that demographic anymore – it didn’t quiet work, although Albie’s crush on Anne Hathaway is still going strong.

This year we also hosted an Oscar Party that I threw with the excuse that it was to celebrate my birthday, so it was a lot of fun having friends over and making everyone bring a dish themed to some of the nominated movies – another post on that soon!

Black Swan: This was Albie’s pick for best picture, best actress and directing. He thought this movie did everything a movie is supposed do to you – I however had a crazy reaction and can’t watch the trailer for it without shuddering.

This movie was nominated for Best Picture, Directing, Film Editing, Cinematography, and Leading Actress.  It only won for Best Actress, but that was definitely well deserved by Natalie Portman!

True Grit: This was another Albie pick – he really liked and I struggled to get through it. The story was good, and the cinematography was great, but Westerns just don’t do it for me.  Something about how ‘dirty’ they feel with all that ‘grit’ – I know I sound lame … but it’s an aesthetic thing for me.

This one was nominated for TEN awards:  Best Picture, Directing, Cinematography, Costume Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Adapted Screenplay, Art Direction, Supporting Actress, and Best Actor. And it didn’t win a single thing.  As much as I didn’t really enjoy this movie, I can tell you that it really would appeal to a lot of people… very surprised it didn’t win anything.

Inception: We both really liked this one. It was weird, and confusing and had my old flame Leo (swoon). This movie is a good example of why I like to go to the movies – I like to see what’s in other people’s heads. I want to see things and feel things that I don’t on a normal basis.  Albie made a good point that Ellen Page was mis-cast for her role in this and I have to agree, but other then that, this was really entertaining!

Nominated for Best Picture, Art Direction, Cinematography, Original Score, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Visual Effects, and Original Screenplay. Out of it’s eight, it won Cinematography, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Visual Effects – all very deserved in my opinion.

Social Network: I remember when the trailer for this first came out everyone joked about seeing the facebook movie – but it started to get a lot hype and we heard it was good so we went. And it’s not like we didn’t enjoy the movie, because we did. We just thought that this was a fascinating story, and interesting plot but not all that entertaining. But then again, I remember when facebook was invented.

This one was nominated for Best Picture, Original Score, Directing, Film Editing, Sound Mixing, Adapted Screenplay, and Best Actor. Despite it sweeping the Golden Globes, I think it got ones that it only won for Film Editing, Original Score, and Adapted Screenplay.

Alice in Wonderland: I am kind of a baby when it comes to seeing a more realistic story version of a Disney movie I have loved – I enjoy seeing the animated happy endings. But this one was really good. It kept with what I had in my imagination and didn’t turn it too dark, just dark enough  (because let’s be real, this is a weird story.)

This won two out of the three it was nominated for. It was only nominated for Visual Effects but it also won Art Direction and Costume Design.

Winter’s Bone: I had never even heard of Winter’s Bone until it was nominated and we didn’t even get around to seeing it until last week when we rented it from a RedBox.  But we actually both really liked it. The story doesn’t match up with it’s poster at all which is unfortunate because I normally do judge movies on their posters.

Nominated for Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay, Best Actress, and Supporting Actor but didn’t win anything. Jennifer Lawrence was really good though, and she is very pretty – I bet she does a lot more soon.

Toy Story 3: This was my favorite movie of the whole year. I mean it! Not because it was Disney or because it was ultimately a little bit of a happy movie but because I thought it was well done, made me cry and laugh, made us talk about it for days and made me super nostalgic.  I am a general Toy Story fan, and this one is just a hair under the first one for me.

Nominated for Best Picture, Best Animated Feature Film, Original Song, Sound Editing, and Adapted Screenplay. It only won for Animated Feature Film and original song but it deserved it!

The King’s Speech: While we both enjoyed this movie it wasn’t one that ranked high for us. It was an interesting-ish story but bottom line was that you knew he’d give a speech at the end. Even Collin Firth said it was basically a movie about two middle aged men becoming friends, and that’s actually a great way to describe the plot.  This is what Albie and I call an “Actors Movie” because the acting is what carries it – not a whole lot else.

This one swept the awards in my opinion. Nominated for Best Picture, Original Score, Sound Mixing, Original Screenplay, Film Editing, Directing, Costume Design, Cinematography, Art Direction, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor. It won for Best Actor, Directing, Original Screenplay and Best Picture. When you break it down and see that it won for writing, acting and directing it really does only make sense to give it best picture.

The Fighter: I really liked The Fighter. I thought it was very realistic and I am a sucker for a true story – but far and away, Christian Bale stole the movie. It’s almost unfair that he was labeled “supporting actor” because he was really good in this.

Nominated for Best Picture, Film Editing, Directing, Original Screenplay, two Best Supporting Actress and then Best Supporting Actor. It won for Christian Bale as Supporting Actor and Melissa Leo for Supporting Actress (she was the one who dropped the f-bomb during her speech).

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1: I know I am a bit of a nerd here, but I did really like the newest Harry Potter movie. It will never win anything for acting but the movies themselves are getting very intense and dark – the technical and artistic points of the movie were really great this time. Makes me excited for the final movie this year!

It was nominated for Art Direction and Visual Effects and didn’t win for either, but I compared to who did win this made total sense to me.

  • This year we only got to see two of the five nominated documentaries but they were both really good and I hope to see the one that actually won, Inside Job, as soon as it comes out to rent.

Restrepo: I was nervous this would be sad since it’s based on the war in Afghanistan but it was more fascinating then anything. The soldiers at a particular outpost basically wore cameras on their helmets and they filmed the war zone they were in. They showed everything that was a part of their lives; this included meetings with town elders, relaxing to dance parties, planning attacks and loosing friends/ fellow soldiers during those attacks.

Exit Through the Gift Shop: When we let my brother house sit for a few days we let him log onto our netflix account and watch movies, this was one that we came back to under the “recently watched” category so we decided to check it out. I’m not sure I would have even been curious about it without seeing that he had seen it first – but it was definitely an interesting story.

Basically the story starts out showing a man who set out to make a documentary on Street Artists which is in it’s self is cool to me, but then it turns and one of the most famous street artists, Bansky, actually turns it into a documentary on the original film maker. I really liked it although the title doesn’t make much sense until the end.

  • Over all I thought the Oscars themselves were a bit boring. Other then the occasional F-bomb being dropped, and the fact that James Franco looked baked from the beginning I thought Anne Hathaway carried the show. The opening monologue was boring too – I much prefer when they make fun of each other.
  • My favorite dress of the night was Anne’s red Valentino that she wore for a few minutes on the red carpet – that necklace was to die for as well (It was Tiffany’s duh.)

  • Did y’all think James was stoned too? Who wore your favorite dress? Should I still see 127 hours – even though I know he cuts off his arm??
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  1. Alyssa permalink
    February 28, 2011 3:43 pm

    I didn’t see many of the most nominated movies…but I DID watch for the fashion and I loved Anne’s red Valentino! I think my favorite was ScarJo’s purple dress minus the terrible haircut. Hoping for a little more next year out of everyone!

  2. February 28, 2011 7:27 pm

    I know James Franco was a let down to most, but I just love him!!

    You really need to see 127 Hours. It was my favorite of all the nominees!

  3. March 1, 2011 1:25 pm

    I kept trying to decide if James Franco was stoned or that was just his usual! We also debated a bunch if he got re-stoned during the show! haha I only saw a couple of the movies, but I still want to watch the others–I was too scared to see Inception, but I think I will now! I also heard great things about The Fighter, but haven’t seen it! :)

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