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Los Angeles Trip Recap 3…

March 1, 2011

I know I am terrible at getting these trip recaps up in a timely matter but life is crazy and you know how that goes…

{Trip recap 1 HERE, Trip recap 2 HERE and Wedding recap HERE}

Day 3:

After our full day at Disney we spent the night back in West Hollywood  at a hotel that I wish I had done more research on. Lesson learned.

We got up pretty early that Friday morning to head down to Santa Monica to put our feet in the pacific ocean and walk the pier. We had the rehearsal dinner that night so we really could only spend the morning there, but it was perfect.

It was about 75 and sunny and the water was freezing, but we so enjoyed spending the morning walking around on the beach. The actual pier had a lot going on – there was a mini amusement park, resturants, shops and an aquarium.

We ended up sitting at the end of the pier for a little while talking about how much Finley would love something like this and then we saw dolphins! We ate at a Mexican Restaurant and ordered cocktails with our yummy lunch, which we took pictures of and texted to friends who were still at work. We’re pretty awesome.

After lunch we headed to our hotel to get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Day 4:

Wedding day! I recapped that HERE!

Day 5:

Sunday morning after the wedding we had to get up at 4 am west coast time to make our 7 am flight then ended up getting delayed until about 9am. I had some great naps in the concourse waiting area and killed some of my book.

The flight home was easy, because of the delays JetBlue gave us free movies the whole way to New York – it was perfect. I watched “Life As We Know It” and Albie watched the playoffs.

We got home around 10 pm and  we were greeted by our sweet puppy :)

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