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Selling Our Home Part 2…

March 16, 2011

To continue my thoughts from yesterday I’ll pick up right where I left off… crying over the declining value of my house. Of our first home.

We started our search for a Realtor by asking for suggestions. We took to the places we thought we’d get some pretty general and wide spread recommendations; message boards, twitter and friends. I contacted seven Realtors and interviewed three, which is what I had found to be an acceptable number based on a quick “how to sell my house” google search.

  • Realtor #1: She was quick to respond, very very friendly and came recommended via a sports message board that Albie reads. The referral came with a story about how she went way above and beyond for her clients.  Our meeting was long and detailed and she was our first…. so naturally when she started talking about the numbers the tears started to flow.

She did warn us up front that she had hard talks with people and we knew that we should “disassociate” our selves from our home but the minute someone starts to tell you how much money you’ll loose and all the changes you should make you try not to cry. I dare you.

  • Realtor #2: The lone man in my Realtor search. He also came recommended via the sports message board and came so highly recommended we thought we’d be crazy not to go with him based on the volume of people alone.

Bottom line with this guy was that I felt he had been unprepared to meet with us. Maybe he misjudged our youth or our situation but he didn’t come as prepared with answers to our questions, suggested listing prices and staging ideas. As much as the first Realtor made me cry, she had given us a great role model in what to look for and listen for.

  • Realtor #3: This was our referral from Twitter and our final interview. She showed up and immediate noticed some things we hadn’t in our pre-Realtor clean up: vents, cables etc. She was complementary but had a little edge that looked like she was ready to get down to business.

Her kids go to school in our district, she had a little lower commission, she was willing to start with listing our house a little higher then the others and she just seemed like a regular person.

We chose Realtor #3 and we are really excited to work with her. It was only after meeting her that I finally took a deep breath and thought “ok – this wont be so bad.”

I think I even slept through the night that night. With that part of the home selling process complete we decided it was time to move onto actually moving. Ya’ know… the scariest part of the whole process.


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  1. March 16, 2011 12:26 pm

    I’m so glad you found a good realtor!! The moving process sounds like it’s getting better?


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