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House Tour: Downstairs…

March 27, 2011

Our house is officially up on the market and I figured now would be the perfect time to finally give a house tour. Today I’ll show you the downstairs and the outside then later we’ll go upstairs.  I like the downstairs best so I’ll show that first!

First up is the front of my house, It’s very traditional with the brick, bay window, and plain jane shrubs; but I love it. We had originally opted for an end unit over a middle unit because of how much more light they let in. The layout of having the living room and master bedroom in the back of the house also seemed to work out really well for us.


One of my favorite things is that we have a storm door. Finley would lay in it when it’s sunny and watch the neighbors go by. I got my “Lange Est. 2009” sign at an at-home Initials party and it’s held up really well – hasn’t faded and doesn’t get in the way of the two doors like most wreathes. My L flag and Welcome garden flag poles were both gifts. We had an awesome “Welcome”  mat that we had registered for but it had faded over the 2 years we’ve had it so I moved it to the back patio and bought a new one for staging.

Once you enter you come into our foyer/ dining room. This is where the bright aspect of the house makes the biggest difference – those windows on the left of the room make the biggest difference.  We also have a built-in at the back of the foyer, and I never really got a grasp of what to put there or how to make that corner fell more homey- but it’s got a print from our engagement session and one of the wreathes from the church doors at our wedding so I like it!

The entry way table was an engagement gift from Albie’s mom and it fits perfectly in that spot – It used to have frames on it but I moved our mail station to it for staging – The picture above was our guest book at the wedding and it’s one of my favorite wedding pictures signed by all of our guests.

The foyer and dining room have really pretty wainscoting throughout and I loved it until last week when Albie and I cleaned them – that was exhausting!

This the other side of the foyer, the dining room. Dining table and chairs were engagement gifts and the hutch was actually an impulse buy from me – all from Target.  Can you tell we like black furniture? – I like how easy it is to match and mix up. I think in the way our house is set up it makes the rooms flow better.

We have a tiny powder room off the side of the dining room too –

The pictures are of flowers from our honeymoon in St. Lucia.  I have always liked it’s cute pedestal sink and the color was already perfect  before we moved in.

The living room is in the back of the house and it is to be honest one of the coldest rooms in the whole house! It’s also one of  the rooms that I would have considered the most “finished” in terms of decorating. I HATE that entertainment center and wish their was more seating  for guests. But I like the colors and I love those curtains so much we actually made it a rule in the listing that they wouldn’t sell with the house.

Out through the living room is the backyard and patio:

I always have loved the backyard, it’s super private and despite the lack of actual yard that belongs to us it feels wide open and big. Finley had a little leash that was stuck into the ground and let him have some freedom.

The storage unit was something that we out grew quickly – we are ready for a garage! That is  a picture of it basically emptied out  after our first moving trip. I added that shelving unit this fall and am kicking my self that I didn’t do it earlier, It was such a space saver!

The kitchen is back through the dining room towards the front of the house.

I did a guest post on my kitchen a while back and it tends to be one the most seen room based on the fact that we tend to migrate here. We bought those stools because the previous owner had them and we loved them. We used to keep Finley’s bowls in the bay window and he loved to pop up and stand with his paws on the window sill when we pulled into our spots after work.

The gas ranges took forever to get used to and that fridge is “energy efficient” – so it doesn’t have an auto ice maker and beeps at you i the door is open too long – drives me crazy but it gets the point across! That back splash amazed me and was one of the biggest selling points for me actually. (Amazing what sells a house to us isn’t it?!)

Later this week I’ll show y’all the up stairs.

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  1. March 27, 2011 10:24 pm

    SUCH a cute house! I bet it sells quickly. Also love all your black furniture.

  2. March 27, 2011 10:43 pm

    Beautiful home. I love the way you’ve furnished it.

  3. April 2, 2011 4:59 pm

    I love your house tour! I seriously wish everyone did this–it gives me such great ideas for our future home! I like what you did with the built-in…I’m not for sure what else you could do! So cute! :)

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