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House Tour: Upstairs…

March 30, 2011

I started our house tour on Sunday and I wanted to follow up with the upstairs.  This is the part of our house that just never felt “decorated” and “finished” but it was cozy and since heat rises it was the warmest part of the house.

Once you go up the stairs you see my bridal portrait in another little wall cute out – I love all the “extra touches” this house has and this is one of them- it was the perfect spot for my portrait.

The laundry room is at the top of the stair in the little hallway that connects the two rooms. Normally it’s piled high with towels and Finley’s travel bag but we pared it way down with our first move out.  One pet peeve with this house is that there is not one linen closet so you have to get creative. (I’ve complained about this before.)

This is our second  bedroom/ office (Talked about it HERE once too).  Against one wall was where Squirtle lived but you can see on the right in the photo above the process of cleaning it out and then what it looks like now. It feels super weird without Squirtle in that room but he is “weird” and from what I understand from HGTV, if people see “weird” then they don’t see the room. So out goes the “weird” – even if he was my first son.

Albie’s Star Wars legos also moved out as well as our movie collection. We pared down the boxes in the built-in shelf. The biggest thing was cleaning out that closet. It had 3 guitars, my wedding dress, old books, craft supplies, magazines and the vacuum in it – not any more!!

We have a full bathroom off this room that I’m told guests really like since it’s private so it”s something we hope the next house has too.

This room came painted this terrible “carolina blue” color and we hated it at first but it feels so bright and we made it”beachy” so it worked. To stage this room we took out all the “beachiness” and kept it pretty plain.

Walking back down the hall past the laundry room you come to our master bedroom which abnormally large.  We never got “real furniture” for this room so it always felt big and empty but I love it in a way.

The bed is something I drew one day in middle school and asked my Dad to build for me. So he did! We used to store EVERYTHING under it but it was totally visible so it moved out too.  The bedding that we have had for a while is under the bright quilt – It’s navy with a sold white border on it. It’s very “dog friendly”… therefore it doesn’t add a lot of pizazz like I think we needed – plus we needed something to tie into those green curtains that came with the house.

The seating area before you get to the bathroom I used to think of as “Finley’s Room” since his giant black crate used to sit in that empty corner but in an effort to make it look like Finley never lived there we moved it too.

The bathroom is on through the door next to the book case:

This bathroom, like all the others, was weird to take pictures of. I couldn’t find a good corner to stand in.  This bathroom also came pre-painted so we molded right into it. We went with a brown and green theme in here with big maps that we bought in Saint Lucia hung up – one is above the towels near the tub and the other is behind the toilet…. which is behind the door. I know a lot of people love the double vanity but we’ve never minded since we get ready on different schedules we can share.

And now you’ve seen our whole house! I can’t believe I’ve waited until we are selling to post it all but it was done in 2 posts so I’m kinda wondering what took so long!

Hopefully when we find a new house I’ll be quicker about a house tour!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. March 30, 2011 10:56 am

    I love the circle window in the bathroom!

  2. Mrs. Business permalink
    March 31, 2011 1:16 pm

    I love that your dad made the bed – and that you designed it! That’s so neat and creative! Your townhome’s layout is very similar to ours – except ours is a three story. We even have a “terrible carolina blue bedroom!”

  3. April 2, 2011 5:02 pm

    I love that you did something fun with the carolina blue bathroom. If I lived in a house with UK blue I’d lose my mind! ;)

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