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Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: Part 3…

April 7, 2011

I listened to the final part of this book with my mom on the start to our trip up to Pennsylvania this past week.

Even though she only got the tail end of the book (only about 2 discs) she still seemed to really enjoy it. I thought this book was overall such a fun and easy read. It was quick to get into and kept my attention the whole way through.

{ Part one HERE, Part Two HERE }

I was overall surprised at the SIZE of her wedding – 600 people?!?! And then a honeymoon in Australia for 3 weeks?! Crazy!! I think if we weren’t wondering about her financial status we are now!

Onto the questions:

Erin asked…

Ree faced many changes and challenges in her first year of marriage with the separation and divorce of her parents, marriage, life on the ranch, and pregnancy. How would you have coped with so many changes at once?

  • I had to go through changes of my own during our engagement & wedding planning that were very similar to Ree’s family problems.  Those changes alone were a major heart & head ache during a time when I should have only been concerned with what music to play at my reception. We also were sinners so we played house before the wedding which minimized that aspect of the change. I am not sure how I would have coped with adding a BABY and a whole new life on top of that!

Jessica asked…

Did you feel the third part of the book was rushed compared to Part I and Part II?

  • I did feel like it was rushed but only in a sense that I could feel where she “added on” for the publication of her book from the blog posts.  I think she took her time with details and spent time romanticizing during the first two parts. The third part was her dealing with postpartum and a new baby so in a way I’m almost surprised she remembered as much as she did since so many people say that time is a “blur”.

Stephanie asked…

So many “bad things” happened on Ree and Marlboro Man’s honeymoon. Did you have anything like that happen to you? How did you handle it?

  • When we checked into our hotel I was so excited with our room and the view and the upgrade we had chosen. It was perfect… middle of the night however the roof started to leak on us from the rain. (Even the locals told us we had bad luck with the amount of rain we were seeing.)

Albie went to the front desk to ask for a new room, we were given one around 4 am that didn’t have a leaking roof.

Unfortunately this room didn’t have air-conditioning. So yes, we had to move to our THIRD room.

Luckily with each move we got upgraded little by little and a gift card to the spa kept growing and growing.  Our last room was a bit of an eye sore  because it wasn’t “updated” yet but it came with a living room and fully stocked bar. We also ended up with a free couples massage!

I think even though we had unforeseen changes and difficulties within the first 24 hours we were in Saint Lucia, it’s you’re honeymoon so you just kind of go with it. We had a great time anyway and even lucked out in the end!

Rocky Mountain Wife asked…

One of my biggest wondering is how Ree’s parents feel about how much of the book she spends talking about their impending break-up, and eventual divorce. She then is very blatant about how frustrated and sad she was with her mom. How do you think her parents feel at their portrayal in her book?

  • I wondered this to. I think these are the same reasons I don’t talk about my parents divorce her on the blog, they are readers. I don’t want to say something out of turn or portray someone wrongly, even if it is how I remember the situation.  My parents were going through their divorce when I was getting engaged and married so that did create new challenges. and I completely felt for Ree and her family situation.

If you are married, did your first year of marriage contain many ups and downs as Ree’s had? We’re just about to finish our first year of marriage, and we’ve certainly had ups and downs-and I wonder if this is typical for everyone?

  • Our first year of marriage wasn’t too bad. The year came and went with not a lot of change for us personally. We were already living together, owned a home, had a dog etc… We did all this purpose so we could enjoy that first year.  We did have the normal adjustments though: money, meal planning, bills, work schedules, holiday planning etc. All in all it was a fun year :)

MC asked…

Did you like the ending to the book? What more would you have liked to know about Ree and Marlboro Man’s relationship?

  • I liked knowing they had their sweet baby and I liked knowing that they  finally settled back into their “routine” but I felt like it just ended. I wanted more of a wrap up I think.

Natalie asked…

If you read The Pioneer Woman’s blog before reading this book, what have you learned about her? How did the book compare to her typical blog posts? If you didn’t read her blog, will you now?

  • I have been reading her blog for a little over a year and I think I just enjoyed reading about that first year and the beginning of her relationship with Ladd. I will continue to read her blog and am actually interested in learning more her early family life. She is really relateable despite being entirely different than me.
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  1. April 7, 2011 8:46 pm

    I can’t believe you had to move 3 times on your honeymoon!!! :)

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