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April 25, 2011

Easter weekend has come and gone without (even a sugary) peep from me. I hid out from twitter and facebook and even reading blogs. It was nice to “unplug” a bit.

Now onto some of my confessions for this Easter Monday:

  • Albie is getting to come into town a bit more often which I am enjoying a lot. I am not however enjoying sharing a TWIN bed with him and Mr. Finley.
  • Even though Albie was in town to see me I went to the beach alone yesterday. Sometimes you just need alone time.
  • Not spending money is hard. I have a giant want list including a new bathing suit.
  • I am super behind on reading anything off my reading list because I am still trying to power through this book Albie is having me read. Anyone else read Game of Thrones? Watching the show on HBO?
  • I miss new music. I am still listening to things I downloaded YEARS ago.
  • I find my self getting frustrated a lot lately with the fact that I started a bunch of shows on Netflix and am now caught up to end of free streaming videos. Dexter’s only been seen through season 4, just caught up to the end of season 4 of 30Rock and because we canceled DirectTV for lent we are don’t have HBO to watch our shows on there.
  • I know my friends are starting to have babies, but I’m not there yet. Won’t be for a while. I’m still interested in looking at wedding websites and talking about who sells good thick stationary for thank you notes.
  • I picked my Realtor based off of price and the fact she was nice. Note to self: niceness and lower commission rates do not equal quick home sales.
  • Long distance relationships are hard.
  • It’s weird seeing people from high school that you haven’t seen since high school. I think this is something I’ll have to get used to but what do you talk about? High school? Do you back track and give a quick recap on the past 8 years?
  • Holy crap! I’ve been out of high school for 8 years?? I feel old now.
  • I enjoy wine a bit too much.
  • I haven’t decorated for anything since Christmas. Not valentines, not St. Patrick’s, not even Easter. I think even my cute flip flop hand towels and American flag themed dishes are staying packed this summer. It really makes holiday’s feel like any other day which is no fun.
  • I am bad at responding to y’alls sweet comments. But I swear I read them! And I love them!

and finally….

  • I didn’t go to church yesterday. I know it was Easter but I didn’t go. My mom had a big birthday yesterday (Hi Mom! Happy 50th!) so we had a party on Saturday night. I woke up in time to go on Sunday but just wasn’t feeling it. Instead I declared it “Mom’s Birthday Day” and not Easter.
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  1. April 25, 2011 11:08 am

    I’d love to see some pictures from your mom’s birthday party!! The picture I saw on twitter seemed like it was going to be a big extravaganza!! So fun! I hear you on not spending money…while we aren’t moving the $$ is going towards home improvements, new tires, etc. Not fun at all. :/

  2. April 25, 2011 4:33 pm

    I have SO many friends pregnant right now and I am TOTALLY not there AT ALL! I understand your feelings. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be there!

  3. sunmakesmesmile permalink
    April 25, 2011 7:45 pm

    I may never be at the baby stage in life. Sometimes I don’t even like other people’s babies (most of the time I do, don’t think I’m a terrible person!) Even if I just run into someone that I’ve went to school with, I feel like I have nothing to offer to the conversation: “Uh, hi, we went to school together? We never hung out, but I think we had some classes together. What are you up to now? I didn’t know you were in town?…yeah I live here, I never left. I’m working, hanging out….” And then I fill in awkward silences with smiling and nodding, because who likes to say they aren’t doing anything noble or exciting? I also didn’t go to church yesterday, and I think that may be the first Easter I have ever missed doing so. Something else we had in common yesterday? Beach day! I’m so ready for us to be able to go to the beach together-yay! :)

  4. Jenny D permalink
    May 10, 2011 1:50 pm

    Been watching Game of Thrones on HBO but havent read the series yet, how is it?
    Long distance relationships Suck :-) And when I visit Ken, I sleep in his twin bed and he sleeps on the floor, I always feel bad! I’ll lay on the floor with him for awhile and then get into bed :-)
    Seeing old HS friends can be really weird. I actually re-connected with one (we have been facebook ‘friends’) but she makes really pretty jewelry and is a hair stylist so I met up with her to have my hair cut and buy her jewelry; it was cool catching up and slightly odd cuz we follow each others lives on Facebook LOL.
    Part of me wants a baby, but knows I’m not ready and the other part of me Freaks at the thought of being pregnant, so I know what you’re thinking. That’s why working daycare was so great!!! I said goodbye and handed them over to their parents at the end of the day :-D

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