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Second Anniversary Weekend…

May 4, 2011

Is it just me or do second anniversary’s have a whole lot less hoopla then the first? The first anniversary you have your frozen cake to look forward to, the ability to say “we’ve been married a year!” and it comes with the knowledge that you made it through that “First year is the hardest” stigma.

For us, the first year rolled right along as did the second without too many bumps. Although this year there was a whole lot less trip planning and cake defrosting it did come with the unforeseen change of living separately, job hunting and selling our house (all by choice luckily).  I knew not to even try on my wedding dress since it wouldn’t zip last year, chances are it wasn’t going to zip this year (mother nature gave me an odd growth spurt with my girls recently. It’s very odd.) But I didn’t want to be one of those couples who just say “Happy Anniversary” and then exchange a little something. I wanted to get out of the house and spend time with Albie. I wanted to go on vacation in all honesty but budgets be damned that wasn’t in the cards this year… so we planned a bit a of a “Staycation” if you will.

Saturday we roamed around Wilmington’s downtown shops for a while after my Mom treated us to lunch with a delicious dessert. We walked up and down the river and went into stores I didn’t even know existed. Finally after stopping in one spice store where we bought some CheerWine, Root Beer and Venison jerky (awesome right?!) we decided to sit in the shade. Wouldn’t you know it but we sat down right next to a cotton display in the Cotton Exchange! Since it was our “cotton” anniversary I made Albie pose for a picture of course!

Sunday morning the plan was to get packed and head about 15 minutes down the road for our “staycation” in Carolina Beach but of course we got sucked into a movie on tv and Finley just begged us to stay in bed and cuddle a bit longer.

We had gotten a room at the Marriott in Carolina Beach because every room has an oceanfront balcony and the prices hadn’t been jacked up for the tourist yet and CB is Albie’s hometown.

The hotel is fairly new and very clean. The pool looked inviting but since we are beach kids we didn’t even set a toe in it. I think we spent about 2.5 seconds in the room before I was rushing Albie down to the beach but not before I had him open the gift I got us:

Since it was our cotton anniversary I went with this linen pillow cover with a vintage post card of Carolina Beach on it purchased off of Etsy. (My good friend MC knows her textiles and she promised linen is still 100% cotton!) We aren’t big at gifting to each other in giant ways since all the money comes from the same pot anyway and we were doing the hotel and dinner so we wanted something cotton to remember the anniversary by.

After Albie opened our present we headed down to the beach to do a whole lot of this:

I put my feet in the water, drank my box wine, drew in the sand and finally had hours of downtime to read. We walked on the beach for a while and after we felt like we had a good amount of sun we headed inside to get ready for dinner.

One of the things I loved about our hotel was that we could walk everywhere we wanted to go. We had walked to my favorite Hot Dog place ever at lunch, we got Britt’s Doughnuts to eat for dessert later and even walked to dinner.

We got dinner at Havana’s which is in a cute little house that used to be a restaurant that Albie worked in and where we went to one of our prom dinners (it was called The Cottage then.) In my excitement to try a new dinner place and to eat some fresh seafood again I completely forgot to even make sure I had my ID.  So imagine my disappointment when I was not only carded but denied the glass of wine I ordered when I failed to be able to show ID.

Dinner it’s self was good, not great. I love salmon and crab so I thought ordering Salmon stuffed with crab would be the best of both worlds but it somehow missed the mark. At the price point on the menu I was honestly a bit disappointed. But the staff was beyond nice and the restaurant is still really cute!

Monday morning greeted us bright and early since we left the balcony door open to hear the waves. The sunrise came around 6 am and it was so so pretty!

We had both taken Monday as a vacation day  so we spent more time on the beach and lounging around which was a really nice treat. We had lunch at Albie’s favorite Subway in the whole world (yes he has a favorite Subway.) and then headed home to see Finley who missed us so much that he ate a whole bowl of cat food while we were gone in protest. Isn’t he the sweetest?

It was a great anniversary and I really enjoyed just getting to spend time with Albie. I can’t wait until he lives here with me all the time so these beach days aren’t so rare!

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  1. sunmakesmesmile permalink
    May 4, 2011 6:50 pm

    It sounds like you had a wonderful 2nd anniversary, and perhaps a stay-cation was almost better than a get-away vacation in some ways! You were able to relish some precious couple time that is much more rare for the two of you now, and revisit all of your stomping grounds (which lucky for all of us is, and soon will be, your current stomping grounds!) Was the spice store you were in downtown Fire and Spice by chance? We both love that store!

  2. Morgan permalink
    May 4, 2011 11:29 pm

    umm…YUMMY BRITTS!!!!!!!

  3. May 5, 2011 12:11 pm

    I’m so happy you enjoyed your second anniversary celebration!!! And, I didn’t know you were going to have a staycation! So much fun! The hotel looks beautiful–and I love the pictures you took of the sun! Happy Anniversary!! :)

  4. May 6, 2011 4:58 pm

    Love your white dress in that picture!

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