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Finley and the Turtles…

May 23, 2011
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We have 2 pets.

1 dog  and 1 turtle. They like each other. I mean, they can’t say “Mom, I really like my dog/turtle brother” but I imagine they do.

Finley has at least gotten the chance to smell Squirtle and follow him around the living room. Squirtle has not peed all over the place at first sight of our large furry guy. I take that as “they like each other.”

In terms of other living creatures Finley is generally a friendly guy. He loves cats – he likes to smell them, eat their food, and litter as well as watch them. He likes to play with other dogs, he doesn’t get a sense of his size so to speak so he’s pretty open to play with even the tiniest dogs. (He is also prone to be *loved* by dogs to the point where he just lays down to take it – it’s really rather embarrassing.)

Finley also love babies. I’d say babies are Finley’s favorite kind of living creatures. I think with their smells and the fact that they frequently are strapped into one spot for easy smelling and investigating Finley is especially fond of babies. Men in general are not some of Finley’s favorite but if they can play, pet him and more importantly – share food, then Finley is game to eventually like them too.

Now… color me surprised when Thursday morning I get a text that reads: “Please call me I have a problem.” That return call started with “I left Finley in the back yard and….”

Oh lord… here we go…

To make a long story short Finley had found a turtle. A turtle not unlike the one we call his “brother”  – one that smells the same and has the same shell and body type system. Yet apparently this turtle was VERY interesting to Finley.

He had it in his mouth. HIS MOUTH. He moved it in the yard and barked at it. He didn’t seem to want to hurt this little guy but I’m sure the turtle probably felt for sure that was the Rapture beginning. Lucky for him, and actually all of us, this weekend was not the end of the world.

So after some tail pulling and some treat-promising my mom was finally able to separate Finley from the yard turtle. At this point I am pulling into the drive way just in time to be the mean mom who says “bad dog” over and over loud enough to embarrass him in front of any neighborhood dogs listening.

Before heading back to work I took the little turtle dude to the neighborhood “pond” to let him explore somewhere that wasn’t our back yard.

The end.

Oh wait, except it’s not.

This SAME story happened on Saturday too. Except this time I was home and it’s another damn turtle. This time I was quick with the loud “BAD DOG” and turtle rescuing so I think this turtle’s emotional well-being has not been scared for the rest of his life.

As for Finley, I think his feelings toward turtles are still confused. We’re working on this. We are also constantly looking out for wild turtles now to rescue before Finley tried to say hello.

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  1. May 23, 2011 5:22 pm

    That is too funny! Maybe he feels like Squirtle is lonely and he wanted to get him a roommate???

  2. May 25, 2011 1:51 pm

    So funny! Poor Finley! There have been some snakes in our neighborhood and I am TERRIFIED Rex will find them!

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