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Salt Air in My Hair…

June 1, 2011
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I found this on Pinterest a few weeks ago:

{ Image created by Katie Daisy }

At first I loved it.  I mean I had just moved back to the beach and have been going to the beach on average two to three times a week. I loved my newly sun-kissed freckles and wind blown tangled hair that smelled like the beach.

Then I had a weekend like this past 3 day weekend where I was outdoors for 5 days straight, spending a combined 10+ hours on the beach. My hair is fried. It was in a pony tail for DAYS. I would wash it daily (um those of you who know me are shocked right now but it’s true.) and then throw it into a wet pony tail.

Today it got washed, dried, straightened  and was absolutely fried. It was dead to the world.  It was mad at me.

Between the salt water, the salt air, and the mid-town humidity between beach trips my hair is not loving the beach life style as much my self.

Anyone have any hair products they’d recommend that make your hair not look so dead after a weekend in the sun?

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