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House on First Street: Chapters 9 – The End…

June 4, 2011

Yesterday I was finally able to finish reading last month’s book club book.  Yes I said last month’s… I have been super lazy about reading lately, not from lack of time but more from interest in catching up on every single Real House Wives Of {Insert City/State/County here}.

But between lazy Bravo marathons and seashell hunting on the beach I finally manged to finish my book.

{ See Chapters 1-8 Here }

Since finishing I have actually passed it on to my Mom for an upcoming trip to New Orleans where she’s going to be staying in the Garden District! How fitting right?

Ok, onto the questions:

1. From the first go around it seems there was a general negative feeling towards the author. Do you feel any guilt for criticizing an author who was brave enough to put part of her life in writing for the world to see?

No not really. I mean authors do this every day so I guess that’s the life and career she choose. I wasn’t negative about her though, I totally saw where she was coming from.

2. What surprised you the most about the details of the aftermath of Katrina

I think I am still surprised at how long it has taken the city to get back to “normal” – I mean a year later and there were still people missing, residents without home and businesses that weren’t open.

3. Did it surprise you how much money Julia spent on food for the relief workers?

YES. I was shocked at how much general money she had in general. I always see those big pretty houses and think of the things I’d love to do to renovate them but there’s no way I could afford it! Top off all of her home costs with buying food for the relief workers and I’d be broke!

But I am really impressed that she was so selfless in giving all that food. I think it was probably very appreciated!

4. After reading about Julia’s acts of service and coverage of Katrina in the second half of the book, has your opinion of her changed?

I guess my opinion of her is still that same, never thought anything negative like I said before.

I did start to get irritated with her writing style. I think I thought the book would be her renovating her old Garden District home and then it turned out to be more biographical about her life – obviously something I should have expected after seeing the subtitle “My New Orleans Story” haha.

Overall I think I did like the book, I liked the seeing this perspective of Katrina and New Orleans.  I think this was a point of view that I enjoyed so I did like the book. Now if only I had been a good little book-clubber and read it on pace I might have done this post last month!

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  1. June 5, 2011 7:49 pm

    You are so funny!! I’m excited for your mom to read it since she’ll be in New Orleans reading the book–too cool! I did get a little irritated with the author by the end…I just really wanted to be done with it!

  2. June 7, 2011 3:23 pm

    Hey…better late than never, right?? :)

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