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First World Problems: Convertibles…

June 14, 2011

I have blogged about my hair issues in the convertible before. And these problems persist, but being back on the coast I’d rather have messy hair and smell the salt air then have perfectly coifed acceptable hair (who am I kidding, I have the limpest hair anyway).

Side Note: Only solution I have found to original post on hair issues in the convertible  is really just to keep hair ties in the car at all times. That, and a brush.

But the issues that I run into on a more normal occasion now that I have the pleasure of driving Albie’s car on a daily basis are more associated with warnings that I feel I should have been warned about from convertible owners before me. So this really where I put aside the beach, and hammock picture to make y’all really hate me.

Now excuse me as I really put some meaning behind the “First World Problems” hashtag I’ve seen on twitter:

  • Cigarette smokers will blow their smoke out their window (or sunroof as I saw last week) because they don’t like the smell of it in their car. Too bad for you in your cute convertible anywhere near by, you are now the lucky winner of some second hand smoke!
  • Feeling the breeze and wind throughout the car is wonderful. (I tried to tell my self I wasn’t missing anything when my sunroof was open in my car, but it’s just better with the top down.)  But when your work outfit du jour consists of white jeans and a cute cardigan to keep warm in your frigid office, suddenly you are a pile of sweat when you stop the car at a red light or are stuck in traffic. You can’t turn on the air conditioning because that would be a waste and you wouldn’t be able to feel it anyway.
  • To roll along with that point, let me add that not having a roof provides direct access from the sun to your skin. Freckles are a fun summer accessory until that turns into sunburn or worse down the road. A light spf in the morning and before big drives is a must!
  • When driving with the top down people tend to think this means you are available for conversations. Just because you can easily “holler” at me that does not mean I will be nice when you want to cut in front of me at the light I have been waiting at (and sweating through) for 3 cycles just to get to the only Target in town.
  • In other related news, “hay gurl hay” will not get you the desired response you are looking for. My car top is down, my standards, if I were still single, are still up.
  • When driving my actual car I am not mindful at all of my singing or music choice. I don’t think twice about that Disney, Christmas and punk song that pops up on my iPod. In Albie’s car this is not the case. When driving in the convertible one must be very aware of either being able to sing the correct lyrics at an acceptable volume or being a bit more modest in music choice. While I enjoy the occasional burst of 80s music into my mix of ska/punk  I am still slightly embarrassed when caught bee-bopin’ along to a random rap song from my college days. (Which is also the last time my iPod was updated.)
  • When wearing a skirt in a convertible and pulling up next to a tall truck, it would be wise to adjust said skirt to keep your dignity.
  • Also please use the above warning when exiting the vehicle as well. Your car is most likely very low to the ground and this is not an excuse to share your lady-bits with the parking lot. This is obviously hypothetical since I am always the picture of grace when climbing out of my tiny car.

I know I sound like a negative Nancy but please know that driving a convertible was on my bucket list from the day I knew what one was but I don’t think I knew I’d ever realistically own one so believe  me when I say I am thrilled to have these “problems.”

Anyone have anything they’d add? Do you want me to get caught in the rain now just to teach me a lesson?

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  1. June 14, 2011 5:21 pm

    The best part of your posed question is that you HAVE been caught in the rain, and you weren’t taught a lesson. Why? Because God apparently loves you so much that and is the only one not jealous of the convertible driving granted to you that He seriously did not let any rain drop on you the entire ride down to the beach (which, for any of you reading this and who are not from ” ’round here” it can sometimes not be a short drive).

  2. Christie permalink
    June 14, 2011 9:30 pm

    Did you learn your lesson?? – I can hear Albie saying this now…!
    Loving this post, hilarious! Especially the part about top down, standards up…amen.

  3. June 15, 2011 12:57 pm

    I had a Crossfire convertible when I worked for Chrysler back in 2006. I thought I was going to LOVE it. And, while I did, there were days when I didn’t. Like when it was so hot and humid that I had to have the AC on when I had the top down. And, getting stopped at a stop light on those days was the worst- no air flow at all! But, it was a fun little car to zip around in!

  4. June 27, 2011 5:07 pm

    Your list cracks me up! Rob had a Miata convertible when we first started dating. I LOVED it and was so sad when he sold it last summer. Even when there’s so much to complain about–there’s nothing in the world that compares to flying down the road with the top down! :)

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