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Transition Years…

July 19, 2011

Sometimes I miss times. Not like specific things or people or places, but times.

It sounds entirely odd but I miss exact moments that I can remember.

The other day my computer made this sound when I was shutting down and it made me miss my first semester sophomore year at college; I had just transferred from tiny private all girl school to big co-ed university. I had a roommate who I couldn’t stand, new friends across the suite and a major that I wasn’t very good at. But to this day it’s one of my favorite years.It was a transition year – not like in the way freshman year is or your first year of marriage is but in a growing kind of way:

I lived in my dorm practically alone, Albie’s dorm was across a small courtyard. I was in classes with people who slept through class yet made A’s on their tests when I struggled to get mid-70s. I had worked so hard to get there and still struggled every day.

Junior and Senior year of high school I took that damn SAT 5 times. I never broke 1000. Freshman year I went to a gorgeous college that made me feel special and happy and introduced me to really sweet girls. But it hadn’t been my first choice. I had wanted the big school. I took full loads every semester and doubled up on math courses. I had tutors and study groups. Meeting my goals to transfer was so rewarding when I got that acceptance letter over the summer.

Sophomore year was fun in the only way that getting lost on campus, slipping on bricks and working at the library can be. Most of my fun under-age drinking stories are from that year. My first college sporting events in the student sections were that year.

Fall 2004

My first day of class I walked into my “Oceanography” class only to learn my “Advanced Oceanography” in high school was more like “marine biology for kids who live at the beach” and less “physics and the salinity of salt water.” I remember standing up, gathering my cute monogrammed bag that I had gotten my real freshman year to match the other girls, and leaving. It was a completely scary feeling but I replaced it with a Political Science class where I met a current good friend (Hi Megan!)

This semester at my new school was so hard. A lot of my friends from freshman year didn’t really keep contact then. I connected back with them later but that year it was like being all alone. Other groups of friends had already formed. They all bonded over the same things I was going through a year later.

That year was a huge transition time for me and when my computer made that sound I couldn’t help but remember everything from where my spider plant was on my window to the Breakfast Club posted that was next to my bed. I could picture how my closet was arranged and how I made my bed.It was different from the same freshman year transitions that we all make, it was like me figuring things out for the first time.

The  year after I graduated college (The living in sin year) was a huge transition year too: first apartment, first dog (Finley), first time living with a boy (Albie obviously) first paycheck and first Christmas tree. But that year was more about figuring out how to share space, love, money, food, and bad days.

Summer 2007

So far this year is also proving to be a transition year. Hopefully it’s one that I look back on like I do Sophomore year and instead of remembering how many time I fell down the stairs in Nelson Hall I remember how it felt like starting over.

Spring 2011

I’m not sure what I’m learning or figuring out yet but I really hope it’s something good!

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  1. Megan permalink
    July 19, 2011 9:30 am

    hi! When you first mentioned your sophomore year – I thought, hey that’s when we met! :)

  2. July 19, 2011 9:32 am

    Awww, this post made me miss my college “transition years.” I’m ready for another transition year for growth spurt.

  3. July 19, 2011 2:23 pm

    Transitions are hard. I feel like I’m going through one right now and I’m trying to figure out when it’s going to end and what I will learn from it!

  4. July 19, 2011 10:15 pm

    I’ve felt like everyday since moving out of my parents’ house has been a transition, and I’m thinking God is continually extending my deadline due to my lack of learning ;) I hope to look back and think, whoa I really sucked at such and such, but I’m so glad I kept powering through it. As more grown up situations occur, it’s definitely become more clear who the people are who will help ease you through said transitions. I’m grateful my growing is at least not in my waist line ;)

  5. July 20, 2011 6:00 pm

    I love this post. I feel like it’s such a deep insight into the way you’re feeling and that’s something so many of us can relate to… I feel like I’m in a constant state of flux and it’s great knowing that I’m not the only one! Here’s hoping that you and Albie have a new living and working situation soon! :)

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