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One Month Countdown…

August 3, 2011

We have officially hit the less that one month countdown to the NC State football season and this year I am PUMPED.

This year marks my first season as a FAN. Like a ticket carrying – tailgating- still a little bit drunk at halftime- can wear jeans if I want to FAN.

There’s a whole lot about my previous job that I miss and something I don’t. Working for the team you love is an interesting experience. Knowing the coaches and players on another level makes the game feel different. I loved college football while I worked there but really only while I worked there, meaning as soon as I crossed that threshold after a game day or a long recruiting weekend the last thing I wanted to do was watch other teams play.

I loved having enough tickets to help out friends and I loved that Albie had the most baller tailgating spot to entertain friends and family while I worked. But that’s just it – I was working: 4 hours prior to kick off through the game and about an hour after. And I only watched maybe a total of a quarter’s worth of football.

This year though – I’ll be out tailgating with the rest of the fans. I’ll be hot in the sun, I’ll have to watch the other team celebrate after touchdowns, I’ll wait in line for the bathroom and I’ll get wet in the rain. I’ll get stuck in traffic and have to wait my turn to leave the parking lot. I’m going to sit in the Lifetime Right seats that we bought years ago that I’ve never sat in.

This year, despite being less connected to the team, I feel like I am going to take this season more personally because now I’ll be one of 60,000 who paid and drove to be there.

I’m ready and I still have a month to count down.

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  1. August 9, 2011 5:49 pm

    <3 your blog

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