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More Random Thoughts…

August 4, 2011

My new (when does it stop being new? It’s almost been 5 months!) place of work is doing some moving around – mostly just people’s offices moving from one corner to the other and grouping people who need to work together a bit better.

It all makes sense when you’re here because we’re such a small department. BUT – one person who is moving into a new office doesn’t like their accent wall they are inheriting – since we’re a State school and have a tight budget we can’t afford to repaint it so this person brought his own painting materials and ladder and has been painting for 2 days. The smell is killing me!

One braincell at a time I have been getting more and more spacey as the hours go on so today you get a random post:

  • Finley has the “flea buggies”  and they are making him miserable. We used the flea medicine last month and this month but the bugs will not leave him alone. My poor buddy keeps trying to scratch and I have to say “no!” every time he starts or sometimes hold his little back paw to keep him from scratching. Pitiful!
  • I have been getting to participate in some interviews for a position we’re hiring and it has been so interesting! All of our candidates have been great and it’s been neat to see what experience they bring to the table and to hear what ideas they have.  I can’t help but watch their mannerisms and habits to figure out what I’m like in an interview.
  • Since finishing Nip/Tuck on netflix I have started Friday Night Lights – I’m a fan already.  I didn’t even like high school sports when I was in high school!
  • So far no decision on the planner. I know – I’m lame. My concern at this point is having it fit in my purse. This is clearly a #firstworldproblem
  • No updates on the house front – showings are still dead right now so we continue to play the waiting game. When I’m home this weekend I’ll try to take a few pictures of how the picture swap turned out for y’all.
  • We spent last weekend celebrating Albie’s mom’s big 5-0 birthday. We had a great and relaxing weekend walking to the beach, checking out the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market, and of course getting some Britt’s doughnuts again. We also got to hang out with Albie’s little girl cousins (5 and 3) who I got to force into watching Beauty &  The Beast while we brushed our hair :)
  • As of yesterday we have less than 1 month before  – Go Wolfpack! Now what to wear…..
  • I love ordering things but hate waiting for them to arrive. (I also hate paying for them but that goes without saying.)
  • I am going to be back at my house this weekend to attend the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ festival and I am excited! Last year we went but I got a DD ticket and sipped on my water the whole time while everyone around me tried shot after shot after shot. This year I opted to not only buy a real ticket but we all opted to go the VIP route to get there a bit earlier then the general crowd. Stay tuned for pictures next week.

Tomorrow I’m linking up with Mrs. Monologues  for her “True Life: I’m a _____ Blogger” and you should too!

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  1. August 4, 2011 6:05 pm

    How fun to be in the interview process!!! Any pointers you can give on things/answer you like to see/hear?

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