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Irene: Before, During & After…

August 30, 2011

So we Survived the storm – my internet at the house however did not.  That is my excuse for not running to the blog with super thrilling pictures of the debris in my yard… just blame it on Irene.

But I’m here now and full of super fancy photo collages.

Let me start my hurricane recap with Thursday night when I went down to the beach to volunteer with a sea turtle rescue group that I’ve been working with this summer. The night before the storm was supposed to come on shore they had us move nests that could potentially be in harms way and then build a berm and trench so the water would be deflected.

I am happy to report that moving all 98 eggs and all our hard work paid off because they all survived the storm! Yay!

You can see in the middle picture how far up the waves were coming as of Thursday night, the beach had practically shrunk and the storm was well on it’s way. It’s so good that we were able to protect these babies!

Friday I still had to be at work but I was able to get everything moved inside and then took pictures of the everything all clean and pretty in case we blew away during the storm and needed insurance proof that it existed in the first place.

Clearly we had been to the store for the essentials.  Champagne and wine. Also Dog food. (and water, don’t worry we also had the regular needed things.)

It rained most of the day at work and the power started flickering early. We got to leave work a bit early at about noon and I took that chance to finally put gas in my car and take Finley for one last romp in the yard in case it got too windy to do business for a while.

It stayed pretty windy and rainy all day and luckily the worst of the storm didn’t come until I was asleep. And when it came boy did it come hard. Irene may not have been as big and as strong as everyone was predicting but it still made quite the wake up call at 4 am.

Power was out for a lot of the night but we were super lucky in that we got to keep it for almost the whole weekend.

Saturday was spent sitting around. That’s really all you can do in a storm like this.

I painted my nails, curled my hair, ate, drank, and watched the rain come down in sheets. The animals got curious and I even took Finley out to play for a little while then made him dry off with a towel cape – luckily he humored me because nobody likes a wet dog!

Saturday late afternoon we  heard the bridges were open again so my mom and I took her big SUV down to see how the actual beaches made out.

I found the coolest critters: Crabs and Starfish were everywhere! Instead of taking them home with me like I wanted to I threw them back into the ocean, after taking their pictures of course! (Pardon the picture of me on the beach, I look like a double-wide but I was pumped to be out of the house and on the beach!)

You can see the weather was still pretty scary looking in that top picture but it had calmed down so much! By that night you can see the gorgeous sunset that was left. Also – check out how well my little sea turtle nest did! The berm and trench were gone but the nest is still fully intact!

As for the house – everything is good. One tiny little tree in the front yard fell but didn’t hit anything and other then playing pick up sticks for a few hours we are back to normal. Still don’t have internet and we have a fridge full of bottled waters to navigate around but we did ok!

How did y’all do with Irene?

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  1. August 30, 2011 4:50 pm

    I love your wine stash!! I think it’s so cool you’ve been helping out with the sea turtles! And, it’s awesome you saved a whole nest!! Glad you’re ok!

  2. August 30, 2011 9:03 pm

    I’m glad you’re okay! You took some really good pics. I LOVE sea turtles, so that’s awesome that you were able to help save the nest. I’m glad you all are okay! :)

  3. August 31, 2011 12:37 pm

    Such neat photos. Glad your family didn’t experience much damage and that the sea turtles survived!

  4. September 1, 2011 11:04 pm

    Glad you came out ok. I love that you helped move the sea turtles, that’s so awesome.


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