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Never Forget…

September 11, 2011
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Today I went to our local remembrance/ memorial ceremony for the events of 9/11.  It was a nice morning and I think the people who attended were glad to be a part of remembering this terrible day.

It was held at the local community college on the side of campus that trains our first responders, which I thought was very appropriate for the day.

I think everyone remembers the original 9/11 day differently. Everyone had their own place of time and memory.

For me, I was in Marketing. It was a class I loathed with people I had nothing in common with. I was 16 and totally thought I would live in New York City one day. We had watched a video and at the end of the video the channel that naturally came on had the news on.

My teacher made some joke about NYC and how she’s glad she never went because it looks terrible. Meanwhile, as a sophomore in high school who thought she wanted to be a big “ad executive” in New York City  – I was so surprised that anything was happening to a city I loved.

I had been to New York multiple times before I was 16 and I LOVED that city. To not only hear people talk negatively about it but see something bad happening to it was hard for 16 old Katie.

From there on out my classes did a pretty great job of “ignoring” the situation. No TV was on all day, nothing was really mentioned.

I had seen the towers fall in that first class right as the bell rang but no explanation was provided.

A dramatic girl in my class around 3 rd block realized her parents were flying through NYC that day and she was very very upset. I think honestly, that was first time I realized something could be sad, wrong, not right, or tragic.

I don’t know anyone directly affected from the events of 9/11 and I don’t have any kind of  a different of a story of anyone else my age in my town. But I think this is an important event to remember and talk about.

I think as we all reflect today and we remember who is not here today, we should also remember how lucky we are to have the things we have and appreciate

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