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NC State vs UNC…

November 18, 2011

This year our rivalry game was set to be cooolllldddd.

I don’t like the cold and I don’t like UNC. Hate would actually be the word I’d use to describe but that’s neither here nor there so I brave on with both in the name of football and a day of tailgating with Albie!

Luckily he knows what a big baby I am about being cold so we busted out our tailgating heater for the first time this season.

I sit about 4 inches from this sucker the whole time it’s on. It’s what makes cold tailgates better, but thank goodness we don’t have many if at all that warrant this sucker!

Despite having a 12:30pm kick off we had a great tailgate. We made these DELICIOUS sausage and cheese open face English muffin things that I would inhale if I could. They are SO good. and easy.

That nooner kick-off time means we were set up and drinking as the sun was coming up. It was an early morning but it was made better by the fact that my brother and mom were there as well as my good friend from Chicago.

My brother brought by two of his friends to say hey and  to generously offer us to “syringe a beer” – or something? I’m still not entirely sure what they called this thing. But Albie was brave enough to try it. Here’s the step by step:

Thinking of trying it? No? Yeah I wasn’t going to either.

This is one of our biggest games all year so the crowd was out in full force. Away fans and State fans. Doesn’t matter how the season has been going (meh, not too well this year.) or what the weather is like… this game is always big.

The line to get in to our gate is never this big but I guess with rivalry games the hatin’ starts as soon as the coin is flipped.

Pardon Albie's dumb smile. It's the only picture we took.

I am pleased as peaches to let you know that despite the questionable season we’re having we still won this game. That’s FIVE (5!!!!) years in a row.And not just any victory my blog friends, but a shut out:

Even after our early wake up and day of tailgating and cheering we wanted to check out our new basketball coach and the team at their Red/ White Game:

It was free, we didn’t have to move the car, and we had the added bonus of finally getting into the RBC Center to check our our new team while the traffic from the game cleared out.

I am personally much more of a football person than a basketball person but it was fun to see the team! The last basketball games I went to were for work when we hosted people in town and before that I was a student down near the court standing the whole time.

I doubt we’ll make it to many basketball games this year but I am so so hopeful that our team does well with our new coach and his awesome recruiting class!

All in all a very WOLFPACK day!

(And yes, my day ended at about 4 pm because I was done. out. finished. One huge nap, a little dinner later and I was in bed asleep again by 9:30 pm. Football season really takes it out of me!)

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