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NC State vs Maryland…

December 10, 2011

All I remember from the final game of the season was that we scored 42 unanswered points.

We came out to tailgate at 7:30 am again and were in the stand early to cheer for our seniors on senior day. It was cold but not too cold.

We were excited to be there and hopeful for another bowl game this year.

Then our team preformed like our team and we found our selves down 27 points. TWENTY-SEVEN POINTS. But before we knew it in the 3rd quarter we were scoring and we kept. on. scoring.

We literally came back from being 27 points down to winning by 15.

After a great victory we hopped in the car to head back home. This game fell over Thanksgiving weekend and with not having a house to go back to in Raleigh we drove back that night. The sky was SO pretty and it made for a great start to the trip.

Despite the fact that we make the drive so often, we’re normally doing it alone so it’s brutal. But it was kinda nice to do the trip together :)

I can’t believe I finished my first season of not working for the team. I know that sounds melodramatic but I missed it a lot.  For all the complaining about the overtime and the weird hours with busy nights I did while I worked there, I still missed it.

I am so thankful that we have these tickets and that Albie and I can share game days and tailgating  that it outweighs me missing a  j-o-b but finishing this season definitely makes me a little nostalgic for all the other years I was a part of everything.

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