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December 15, 2011

I have to tell y’all about this site I have been using to shop on line this Christmas, Ebates.

This site is so easy and smart – just by shopping on line on sites you already use it tracks your spending and gives you cash back.I know a lot of other bloggers have posted about how great Ebates is but I felt my self telling people that still didn’t know and if you like to save money then this is an easy way to pay your self back while you shop!

To start accumulating your cash is super simple too:

  • Sign up on their website, HERE.
  • Click through their website onto the sites you want to shop from. They have Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Crate & Barrel, Barnes & Nobel, J Crew, Disney, Sephora etc… Literally a TON of stores that you already shop at.
  • Once you click through it makes a “tracking ticket” that it checks back on in a few days to see if you ended up ordering or if you just shopped around.
  • Make your purchase like normal – through the site you are familiar with.
  • Once your purchase is confirmed with Ebates they keep track of it on their website.  (Normally takes about 2-3 days to confirm on their end.)
  • Wait for your check :) (They send the money 4 times a year so you have a big window to shop.)

How simple is that? I signed up the Monday after Thanksgiving and have already accumulated s nice little bundle that should be coming my way in February!

Let me know if y’all have questions or want me to send a personal invite!

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