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Pinspired: Cash Envelopes…

February 29, 2012

I kind of love that Pinterest inspires me to get out of my comfort zone with cooking and gives me ways to waste time on the computer (as if I didn’t have enough of those!) But I also really love that it links me to really easy ways to do the kinds of projects I’ve been wanting to do.

The first fun one I did was these fun envelopes for my Dave Ramsey cash budget:

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Here are how mine turned out:

Cute right?! I don’t have the full on card stock and ribbon connector like the tutorial shows because I was a bit lazy about it but I love how they turned out and the cashiers always think they’re really fun too. I have been really good about sticking to cash only and while I’m not sure the envelopes get all the credit, I do still really like them and they keep my receipts and cash organized.

As far as how it’s going with the cash budget? It’s going ok. I find that I am way more sensitive to my money and what food costs when I have to take out cash and hand it over. I used to feel like cash “didn’t count” when I spent money but now that I have it in my mind that when the envelope is empty then I can’t buy anything else. With about 10 days left in the month I found I had about $30 dollars in my food envelope and that gave me slight heart palpitations. I mean where the heck did it go!?

I know I have the money in my bank account but it’s good practice to only spend what’s in my envelope and save the rest for bigger things. Luckily my cute envelopes make it a teeny bit better.

I have another bigger project that’s almost done and it involves, get this…furniture.

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  1. March 1, 2012 1:38 pm

    I’m so intrigued to hear more about how this is going for you. I’ve thought about doing this too, but I’m too afraid I’d completely fail! I can’t stick to a budget to save my life. Oh, I must get better at this!

  2. March 1, 2012 10:44 pm

    What a great idea with the cash budget! I have the same idea as you that cash “doesn’t count” I might need to try this. The fun envelopes definitely help :)

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