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Lo Tide Run…

March 14, 2012
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Saturday I doing a first for me: A 5k.

I mean y’all, have we met? I’d prefer a day laying on the beach, not running on it. And I get winded walking around the block or running up the stairs too quickly.

But a good cause is a good cause and the Lo Tide Run is definitely that:

All proceeds from [The Lo Tide Run] are distributed to Recipients selected by the Volunteer Board of Directors to assist local cancer victims in financial need in memory of Steve Haydu of Carolina Beach who died from cancer at a young age.  The recipients must be residents of New Hanover County, preferably of Pleasure Island, diagnosed with cancer, and without medical insurance or in financial need… Over $40,000 was distributed directly to 7 recipients from the proceeds of last year’s race. The impact in their lives of getting much needed financial help from their community is WORTH RUNNING FOR

Here’s my route map, note the part that’s on the SAND:

I haven’t trained at all and I don’t even think I have real “running” shoes. I sure as heck don’t even own a sports bra or an ipod that can hold a charge for more than 20 minutes. Albie’s doing this with me as a part of a team that a bunch of his friends have together – we’re “Emily’s Luck Charms” for a friend’s sister who passed a few years ago. I think I’ll have some people to chit chat with and the idea is to do it for the cause so that will help encourage me not to just sit down and start sunbathing I think.

I did opt for the 5k WALK option so I wont be reporting back any quick time or have a fancy numbered bib to show off, but it’s still a hefty distance!

So with all that in mind, anyone have realistic tips to help me not keel over with shin splints the next day?


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