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Pinspired: Recovering Seat Cushions…

March 28, 2012

When I thought we had a house kind of lined up I started to think about projects I can do while I waited. I know there’s furniture I need/want and since time was on my side (and uh, still is…) I figured I’d tackle some things my self.

We always have a shortage of seating in our house. We’ve been using 2 dining room chairs as desk chairs for the past two years and when guests came over sometimes we brought in patio furniture. I’d love to not ever have to do that again. To start I have been on the hunt for some good deals. Like less $5 good deals and I’ve actually found some.

Thanks to some good sales here in the area I have found 4 chairs for a TOTAL of $8. (One chair almost broke the bank at $4 on but it’s fully upholstered and a neutral color so it wont need to be recovered.)

Here are the chairs I decided to repaint and recover:

Pardon the crappy cell phone picture – I was pumped to get started and couldn’t wait to use a real camera apparently.

To start I unscrewed the seats from the frame. Please look at how itchy this fabric looks:

I did like that they were neutrally colored but the texture wasn’t doing it for me and since they had to come off to paint the chairs I figured they could be recovered anyways.

I looked online for some resources on How-Tos and of course started on Pinterest where I came across this pin with a quick tutorial:


Source: via Lady on Pinterest


So I stopped by my Dad’s house to borrow a staple gun and he of course was full of advice. In all my searches it seemed that most people left the original fabric on the seats and then just covered over it, he recommended against it and now after the fact I can say that it was probably a good idea.

Armed with a mega staple gun, a pair of pliers and a large flat head screw driver I set to work removing every little staple on the underside of the two seat cushions.

First I removed the black material to see just how many staples I was dealing with:

Then, with EACH staple I tried to pry them up using my screw driver:

Once I got a good start they EACH needed to be pulled out using the pliers:

I hope you are envisioning how long this took because for each seat it took me about 2 hours just to remove the staples and remove the original fabric. But once it was up it slipped off really easily:

Once it was off I laid my seat on my fabric to get a good size guess. I bought 3 yards for 2 seats so i knew I had more than enough but I wanted to make sure it would wrap around really easily.

Once I cut my fabric I started stapling. I started with the part that would face front since that is what people would see. I pulled reallllllllly tight and just started stapling:

Then I worked my way up the sides and on the back. I worked kind of back and forth just pulling tight every time. I worked all the way around and saved my corners for last so that I could fold the excess back as neatly as possible:

Once I was done I went around with a hammer and tried to flatten some of the staples that weren’t cooperating.

Once everything was as flat and as tight as I wanted it I went around the edge and cut off any excess fabric:

Then I flipped it over to check out my pretty new seat cushion:

Just to save you some scrolling here is a quick before and after on my newly recovered seat cushions:

This project from start to finish took about 6 hours to do both seats, it was certainly an investment in time but since the cushions came on $1 chairs and the fabric was found in a remnant section at a local fabric store I really only spent about $10 on recovering them. I’d say it was worth it!

I’ll post this weekend how I repainted the chairs and  show y’all how cute they ended up!

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  1. March 29, 2012 5:21 pm

    Wow, they look great! I never think I’m crafty enough for projects like these… nice job!


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